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  1. I wondering if anyone know what speakers are inside a DT 50 4x12 cab. I think they are Vintage 30's??? If you have any info that would be great! Thanks
  2. I'm Hoping that the repair will hold up. Because of this I will now need a programed backup HD500X. I can never have that happen on stage ever again!!! It's one thing if it's a stomp box, but NOT ok if it is the brain of your system/DreamRig dies completely.
  3. I'm extremely disappointed. I ended up having to pay out-of-pocket $150 (it is still under warrant) to have the foot controller repaired because none of the referrals by Line 6 for repair shops could have it done for the shows this weekend. It turns out that the buttons are faulty underneath the housing and had become depressed and broken, to the point where they wouldn't respond. I'm also now under the impression from the tech that this is a common occurrence with Line 6 products/HD500X. I AM VERY UN-HAPPY!!!
  4. I took it to the tech and 3 of the button are trashed inside to board. :(
  5. This started on stage, on the road in Denver 3 nights ago at the Grizzly Rose. Any ideas about whats going on??? I'm taking it to the tech today to open it up. http://http://i1162.photobucket.com/albums/q521/iplaytheaxe/th_HD500X%20not%20working_zpscgdepykb.mp4
  6. Wow!! This is a great post. I can tell you that I got my first Variax JTV-69 a month back in June 2014, and I got it home and noticed immediately that there was an issue with the way the nut was cut and the dressing on the fret edges at the high "e" string. My technique is very good, and I have been playing for over 30 years professionally. String would slip off the edges constantly, and interestingly enough it started primarily at the 5th fret to the 10th fret, and sometimes at the second fret when playing D chords. I can tell you that I have the same problem with Taylor acoustic guitars, the high "e" is cut way too close to the bottom edge for my playing preference. Here's the thing.. I got such a good deal on my first one that I didn't think I would ever be able to return it and replace it easily. When I went into the store to purchase it there were 4 JTV – 69 (Tobacco Sunburst) and 5 JTV – 59 (Cherry Sunburst) I played all of them, and i can tell you all the JTV-69's had issues (BTW I really dislike Tobacco Sunburst guitars) . At the time I picked the very best one that was in the store. I took it and had it setup hoping that would fix the problem. It didn't. I finally resigned myself to the fact that I wasn't going to be able to keep this guitar and I took it back to the store two days before the receipt was no longer valid. When I got to the store I found that they had a brand-new red JTV-69 in stock. The neck on this one was completely different. The nut was cut MUCH better, and needed much less setup. I can tell you out of all the JTV – 69 guitars I played that first day, every one of them was different. The thickness of the neck, the way the nut was cut, and the way the bridge was placed on the body. But to be honest I think the the service engineer moderator is correct. The way the medium jumbo fret edges are dressed was and is horrible!!! I should tell you all that I hate medium jumbo frets!!! Way too big, and I would've never bought this guitar if it didn't do so much. I can also tell you that the frets were slightly lifted all over the fretboard of the guitar. That required me to have all the frets filed down to make it playable. If this guitar was a one trick pony like most guitars are, I would've thrown in the fireplace and burned it. But, for the price I paid for it ($499) it's amazing NOW!!!
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