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  1. I've noticed a lot of folks looking for a way to integrate a talk box into the Helix. I'm sure there are a few other ways to do it, but this is what I did, and it worked out rather well. 1. Plug a mic into the mic input on the back of the Helix. Set up your Talk Box hose at that mic. 2. Connect Send 1 to your Talk Box input. 3. Select a new preset on the Helix. 4. Set 1st Input to MULTI. (left side of top row) 5. Set 1st Output to SEND 1/2. (right side of top row) 6. Set 2nd Input to MIC. (left side of bottom row) 7. Set 2nd Output to MULTI. (right side of bottom row) 8. Place a PREAMP Studio Pre Tube on the bottom row. 9. In Global Settings I/O set MIC IN GAIN to a level which best matches your mic's characteristics. Push the footswitch on the Talk Box to make it active and Voila! Start yakin your Sambora Frampton speak. The audio will be coming out of all the necessary outputs. So, if you're running direct to FOH out the XLRs, or to an amp or monitor out the 1/4 in. outs, the sound will be present. Good Luck and Enjoy!
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