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  1. I think it is a Helix issue because the recommendation on how to record is to monitor THROUGH the Helix as you record, because that monitor path for audio is PRE USB send to the DAW, so that you don't experience the latency as you play. Meaning they know there is an issue. At the same time the reality, for me, seems to be delayed performances that need to be offset to achieve the original performance rhythmic accuracy. Seems to me to be entirely a Helix issue, otherwise they would not have to make that recommendation?
  2. So, if I am recording and I leave the track armed and unmuted, I can hear a difference between the direct signal and the channel signal. It can vary from a Phase sound to an actual slapback, depending on the latency/delay. This delay is the amount of time it takes to get from my guitar through the A/D converter and through the input/output section of Protools. I have delay compensation and low latency monitoring turned on. I record by muting the return of the armed track and listening through the Helix as I play. A quick test is simply to put up a click and play quarter notes against the click and if I monitor through the Helix and I am reasonably accurate, in general I hear myself play quarter notes against a click. On playback that performance is delayed. It is obvious sonically and visually. The delay amount seems to vary. This is the nature of latency. I hear and feel a delay between when my hands execute the performance and the PT rig is recording it. If I offset the playback to match the tempo it always works but is time consuming to do each track. I will try and make a screen capture movie to show this.
  3. Unfortunately it is not a consistent delay amount. It varies between 16ms-35ms, which is significant, as 16ms is almost 1/60th of a second. Protools has delay comensation and low latency monitoring but not a way to measure and offset, that i know of.
  4. So most of the threads I have found looking at latency when recording respond in a few basic ways: Always monitor through the Helix hardware for zero monitoring latency when playing/recording . The DAW requires setup and can cause latency. The topic I cannot find is: after addressing monitor based latency, in other words hearing latency as you play/record, no one discusses how to fix the actual recorded latent track. You can hear whatever degree of latency is occurring simply by having a track in input, not muted and listening to the heterodyne differential. I experience the disparity varying depending on the complexity of the session. (Am running Protools) So I monitor through the helix when I track a part by muting the output of the enabled track. The problem is that, after recording, the latency is an aspect of the track because it was delayed getting recorded. I know this because I have done exhaustive testing. I even went to the extent of mic'ing a metronome in sync to the internal metronome and can see there is a delay between the clicks. When recording melodies or rhythm parts that delay effects the rhythmic "feel" of my recorded parts and I find I consistently have to offset the part by moving it upstream to counter the delay caused in recording. I have gotten to the point where I will do a first pass where I am playing quarter notes or eighth notes just to see what I need to do in order to offset the track, post recording. Has anyone found a work around or solution for this? NOT monitor latency but actual track delay. If this particular/exact issue has been addressed/solved in another thread please link here. Thanks Thanks
  5. Ok I know people have talked about this but... Yes it is Zero latency when monitoring through the Helix and the track output is muted, BUT that is NOT zero latency because the recorded track stills has delay and is not in the same place as where I heard myself record. On average I see a 2o ms delay between recorded media and performance. I tested fr this by playing quarter notes as accurately as possible against a click. Recorded monitoring through the Helix. I also tried a different monitoring setup by using a Suhr reactive load that connects to the Helix but also passes through to my amp and monitored through my amp, same issue. Also the significant issue I hae is that, If I want to punch in on a track I am forced to unmute the track output so i can hear the part I am punching in on. Am I missing something so I can make this work? I can live with the latency adjustment to get the feel right but really need to be able to punch in without hearing both signal paths. Thanks
  6. I have a MBP 17' with three USB slots, I need one for ILok to run Protools, 1 for Helix, and I need multiple ext HD's as I have Libraries and recording drives. If I use the 3rd slot for a USB hub and connect the Helix and ILok directly, is there a recommended USB hub for the ext HD's? I am looking at http://www.amazon.com/Sabrent-4-Port-Individual-Switches-HB-UM43/dp/B00JX1ZS5O/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1460560699&sr=8-4&keywords=USB+hub+with+external+power Thanks
  7. I just got my Helix and have no Helix App? I have the firmware 1.04, but cannot download current firmware or app so I can load IR's? any help?
  8. I just bought my Helix and it is Firmware 1.04, I want to upgrade but there is no actual link, plus I want to load IR's but cannot do that? What am I missing here?
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