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  1. Forget snapshots, I can't get it to change the tuning at all. I've resort to pitch modulators, that's no good. I'm using a normal guitar. Is that the issue?
  2. I'm trying to set up a snapshot for an E flat tuning. It's my understanding that to do this: Input block > page over to 3rd page, and set up the tunings. It doesn't seem to work. What am I doing wrong?
  3. Well, I loaded the test...thanks. Unfortunately, mine looks exactly the same in Edit. So my problem is elsewhere I'm afraid. I don't know if that brings me closer to a solution, or something more. In both settings...the board display never illuminates EXP1. The ONLY display available to me is [EXP1 EXP2]. and when you use the pedal. [0-100% EXP2] There's no pedal that "expresses" the wah. The only sound you get is the in-line sound the wah makes when turned on...there's no "expession', I can call them tomorrow...thanks for your time.
  4. Done, and it seems to have responded. To check both, I have a simple preset with vol and wah as blocks 1 and 2 going to amp (block 3). Volume pedal functions properly as [EXP2] But, Wah does not respond to expression pedal, no matter what I bypass, isolate or select. I can hear the wah when selected, but only as a filter...moving the expression pedal does not change the sound or change to display XP1. Expression pedal stays as [EXP1 EXP2], and only changes when vol is used. Then is changes to [0-100% EXP2] The on-boot has simplified things (i think). How can I assign wah to EXP1? Many thanks for your help.
  5. I'm not clear on exactly what you mean. From what starting point? When I press 5+6, all the blocks in the current preset start blinking (including volume pedal): what do I select at that point? Because when I select Volume pedal, I'm prompted to make other decisions (back, pate, value, etc). Further, it doesn't do anything to the volume pedal function. Everything is still in the configuration and functions just as I described initially. Clearly, I'm doing something wrong. I'm also not clear on how changing things within a particular present will correct the function of the volume & wah across all presents...which is my problem. I'm not trying to be difficult...I'm just stuck.
  6. Expression pedal 2 [EXP 2] the only one functioning, and it applies to volume only. When not in use, it appears as [EXP1 EXP2], regardless of the preset, bypass or presence of a volume or wah block. When in use, it appears as [0-100% EXP2]. Expression pedal 1 [EXP1] does not appear to activate anything. Neither EXP1 nor EXP2 will activate any of the wah pedal blocks. Before I started messing with the Global EXP Pedal settings (never mind how I got here:-): EXP1 activated the volume pedal blocks; and EXP2 activated the wah pedal blocks. How do fix this, or simply restore the global settings so I can use Helix Wah models again? As I have it now, neither EXP will activate a factory wah.
  7. I want to use my Bas Horsie II, but I'm not sure I'm hooking it up right. What's the best way to integrate the external wah, so that it's available at all times?
  8. Hi All, First time using forum. I'm new to the technology, but have jumped in the deep end with the Helix. My Questions: What's the best way to hook up my Bad Horsie 2 Wah peddle with my Helix? AND.... What's the best Wireless System to use with my Helix (for reliability and range,) and how do I hook that up too? Thanks...Steve
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