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  1. Oops that was for Hamilton, not datacommando. My pre-coffee brain isn’t working. Lol.
  2. The same thing happened to me. When I pursued line 6, they eventually “did something on their end”, to quote customer service, and it worked again. It’s not anti virus, it’s something to do with the hand shaking on startup. I tried other DAWs as well. The only solution was a new user account. Datacommando, I didn’t create a guest account, I created a new user account and just used it for music until they fixed the problem. If reauthorizing your stuff is all you have to with a project deadline, I think it’s a small price to pay. (I don’t mean to diminish your frustration, I had it too)
  3. What worked for me was to create a new user account on my Mac. Then open logic and everything worked.
  4. Hey! I am helping a friend set his stomp up and he wants an external tap tempo switch. I was able to reassign button 3 and then use at TRS cable to set up the external switch but the tempo isn't responding. If I press hold, it goes to the tuner. otherwise, it goes from 0 to 8000ms if I press or let go. I have 3 switches I am trying, just in case: an MXR tap, a strymon mini and a boss Boss FS-5U (momentary) Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  5. Same here. I am really puzzled. I started Logic in my guest account on my mac and the screen for logging in to Helix came up, so that's a thing.
  6. Same here, I have my own post about this.No idea what happened but it's not working in any DAW I have.
  7. I appreciate the help. I got Native about a week ago as a trial and it worked perfectly. The day I bought it, it stopped working. I've deleted it twice and tried to reinstall. I even got a trial version of Cubase to see if it was Logic related or DAW related. Well, it does the same thing in Cubase. Here's a video of what happens. Any other tips perhaps? Thanks for your time!
  8. I know that this has been on the forums before but has anyone gotten Native to work after the spinning beach ball of death bug? This is so frustrating that I cannot use the one plugin I want to use. :( I launch Logic pro x and go to the plugins and select Native and it just hangs til I force quit.
  9. Hey everyone, I am new here and need to be pointed to the right place. I have a Boogie Mk5 and an HD500x. I have the 4 cable set up, as I would like to use the gain tones from the boogie as well as modeling from the L6. I *think* I have the 4 cable method correct as I can use my clean channel and the "Son of Plexi" setting and it sounds good. Problem is, I set the next setting (Spin to Win) with no effects and a disabled amp model and tried my channel 2 on the boogie and there's barely a sound coming out. Volume has no effect (I assume I am still bypassing the preamp in the boogie). I can be more specific if you need. I would love to get this set up so I can get into the actual effect editing! Thanks for any help you can give!
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