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  1. Hmm, I had the same issue once, but then realized that I did a misconfiguration: I had both Wah and Vol set to Exp1 (which resulted in a similar behaviour. As soon as I changed Vol to Exp 2 and had in Default only one of the two switched on everything worked smoothly. Just to add: I am using FBV3 with a Pod HD Pro X rack unit and Pod HE Edit Software ...
  2. I actually donwloaded the Firmware v1.01.00 to my Laptop and then used the Line6 Updater in offline mode (no Internet Connection in our rehearsel room anyway). Actually worked very smoothly - took about 1-2 min for the update until the Line 6 Updater showed that the update is finished. FBV3 shows the new Firmware Version during boot up and everything is fine (including FS1-5 LEDs and Vol/Wah LEDs working - just red, not multi-Color but at least something - also the stability seems to be massively improved).
  3. I had the same issues (no lights on FS1-FS5 and no Volume/Wah lights). The issues got solved after updating the Flash Memory to v1.01.00 - at least I have red lights now for FS1-FS5 (still no color), also the Vol/Wah lights work. Unfortunately it is a bit tricky to find the Firmware update as you will not find FBV3 in the product selection filter list. Instead use "All products" and scroll down. The Firmware got released 5/16/16. You also need "Line6 Updater" Software to install it in the device (not Monkey - see also a separate Forum trail). I also got the feeling that the new Version provides more stability ...
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