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    No sound

    So, I connect everything as per the manual, but I can't get any sound on the Mobile Pod. Can't even use the tuner. Nothing. Even more frustrating having just paid £15 for an in-app purchase, not that I have any idea what I have purchased. So much for "free app with a Line 6 sonic port"!!!
  2. Fowney

    No sound

    Sadly it's the older (non VX) port
  3. Fowney

    No sound

    Hi. I'm using the Mobile pod 2.0 with a sonic port and iPad. Do you mean the 'Privacy - Microphone settings' on the Sonic port? There's nothing in Settings on the mobile pod app or Garageband. I've been into the Privacy within setting on hte iPad and there's only one item within Microphone - the Mobile POD - and it says that it's on.