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  1. Helix Floor - Firmware 3.5.0 When using the Helix Floor today with HX Edit, This error occurred when trying to copy and paste presets and to import set lists. Has any one seen this? Is this time for a factory reboot and install from back up? Now the current set list has gone back to what appears to be a factory default. After some trouble shooting, anytime I click on the fourth set list, an error pops up. The error only seems to pop up when trying anything with the 4th set list down. Every other set list doesn't seem to give me problems.. Any suggestions? Thanks Bob
  2. Hello, I apologize if this has been covered before but I'm struggling with this topic. I have an old 12 button Digital Music Corp Ground Control unit that I previously used with my HD500X and I would like to see if it would be useful for integration into my Helix set up. I would like to be able to use the midi controller as additional foot switches. First thing. I just tried the Ground with my HD500X and it still works like it used to so I'm sure there's no really issue with it or the cable. How ever I think I'm might have stumbled on to my problem. I'm currently Using a 5 pin midi cable because the HD500X midi is only 5 pins. The Ground control midi only has out and it's 7 pin. I noticed this after banging my head for about an hour. The ground control doesn't even change presets on the current setlist of the helix but it does change presets on the HD500x. Could this be because of the 5 pin cable instead of the 8 pin cable. Is it possible they channels aren't assigned correctly? I'm somewhat familiar with the ground control and the set up. I know I can talk to 8 different devices and assign the channels on the ground control. My question is this, Does the helix communicate on only one dedicated channel or can I set both the helix and ground control to say channel 5. Is it possible that ground control is just too old to communicate with the helix? Thanks Bob
  3. I was wondering if anyone has used just a regular switch into the expression 2 or 3 as the toe switch for said expression pedal for the bypass of addition effects or snap shots. How is the toe switch part of an addition expression pedal wired. Is it the ring portion of a TRS cable....
  4. I found an old DMC ground control unit to provide the preset changes while in pedal board mode. I generally don't like trying to hit an upper foot switch while playing... I always goof it up so I like my real time switches / effects changes to happen on the lower set of switches. Also, In one particular case I really want to change from one preset to another and then back all the while staying in pedal board mode. So far my testing is showing this will work fine. I generally have two amp models in one preset and just toggle between them in pedal board mode but this situation is eating up processing power and it take only two button presses to switch to an acoustic patch and then back. Thanks for the reply.
  5. I was wondering If someone out there has experience using a midi controller to patch changes. In my situations I want the HD500x to stay in pedal board mode and use the midi controller to change patches. In one situation, I toggle amps and effects in the patch and need to switch to an acoustic patch and then back to the original patch . Is there any one out there who can let me know if this would work or has done it and can help me navigate through the process. Thanks Bob
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