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    Fractal jumper.....ordered the Helix.

    Sorry answering so late. Was on a Biz trip. What I miss is something like the quad delay like within AXE FX II. Trick is, to have 2 quaddelays in parallel. At the end you have 8 single delays with each's own modulation settings like the good old "Magic Stomp Box" from Yamaha. Who ever was investigating in Allan Holdsworth setup knows what I'm talking about. I decided to buy a AXE FX II now. I tried these seetings by using 4 dual delays in parallel, but not having the individual modiulation settings for each delay. (Each Dual Delay has on modulation togehter for left and right.) That's why it doesn't work out. Overall impression HELIX. Usability and Connectivity "the No One !", Don't know how to express, but a little bit to "HiFi" on the high gain settings. Tweaking Effects, especially Delays, AXE FX is stronger. I use mostly delay effects only by using the device within the effects loop from the amp. That's why I decided to go for AXE FX. Don't get me wrong. HELIX is a great device, but AXE serves better to my FX focused needs.
  2. moddelay

    Error! Helix control update failed!

    HI, Had the same issue, was running me crazy for half a day. Was like runnung in a loop every retry for FW 2.12. caused this error. At the end the solution was to reinstall a very early firmware version ( I think it was verion 1.04 or 1.10) and after that update to FW 2.12. Everthing was fine after not having any error messages any more. Don't forget to reset globals an presets after the update ! Hopefully solves your problem.
  3. moddelay

    Fractal jumper.....ordered the Helix.

    Thinking since days to jump over to AXE FX. Spent a lot of time with the HELIX and have clearly to state that the usability (operation), connectivity are really great. But what I miss are powerful delays like the MultiDly/Quad Delay with the AXE fx. I use the most time the DSP unit wihitn the amp FX loop and sometimes only without. So for me it's not important to have 90 amps or someting like that. Need only very few good amps and thats it. My demand is more about powerful delay effects with individual modulators/LFO's. What I would like to know : HELIX introduced the snapshots and this was th decition "to go for" and to give it a try. Cause don't like having any empty switching slots in respect to time. Does the AXE FX provide also such a comparable feature like the HELIX snapshots ?
  4. Looking to setup the typical holdsworth setting by using 8 channels, 4 stereo channels, in parallel. What i really miss (tried to work with 4 dual delays in parallel, having by each dual delay also seperate modulation settings for left and right channel. But Helix doesn't provide seperate modulation to left and right). Axe Fx II is able to provide this and achieving really great results (called multi delay. Axe FX II provides 2 of these multi delays. 1 multi delay by 4 channels with each channel individual settings with delay time, modulation etc. Yes, you can simply say, stay with FX II. I got my Helix few days ago and really impressed to tone, usability and connectivity. The last kick and decision to go for the Helix was the fact about having the snapshots feature. Anything planned to have such a multi delay (like AXE fx) or dual delay with seperated mod settings for left and right channel in place for the Helix ? Kind regards, Michael