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  1. I THINK so, to start with..... whatever it defaulted to when i was only using Amplifi, before i decided to try the Native trial. I didn't mess with ASIO until I started the Native trial & experienced latency from the very beginning of that.
  2. I didn't have the Focusrite interface when i was experiencing the latency. So that was a non-issue then. I started off with the Amplifi device (which had the latency issues), then switched to ASIO4all, which immediately took care of the latency issue. As for the rest.... thank you. I'll give it a try.
  3. I've been using the trial version of Native with my Amplifi 75 as the interface. I posted a few days ago about latency issues there, but solved those by downloading ASIO4all. So for 2 days, everything was working amazingly. I decided that i'd like to break completely from using the Amplifi, though, and purchased a Focusrite Scarlett Solo interface. Hooked it up yesterday, and that's when everything went wrong again. Here's the short version.... Hooked up the Solo, plugged it in via USB, downloaded the driver, set it as recording & playback device in Windows Control Panel, plugged my headphones in the front (i normally play using headphones). I was getting dry guitar signal, so everything seemed good. Opened a track in Reaper (identically to how i'd been doing it previously). Armed it for recording, checked live monitoring, and added Native as the FX..... and nothing. Only dry guitar. Tried every bit of over a dozen different patches. Still nothing. Proceed to check every possible setting in Reaper. Can't find anything different. Do this for an hour. Walk away mad for a while, then come back to try again. I finally get fed up with it, unplug the Solo interface, and uninstall it. Plug my Amplifi back in (because, crap, everything was working just fine with it before, i'll just go back to it)..... change all my defaults to where they were with it previously, pull up a track in Reaper, arm it for recording, check live monitoring, add Native as an FX....... and nothing. Just dry guitar AGAIN. Oh, and now i can't hear anything I play back from Reaper. My problems are multiplying like Tribbles. The real kicker was when, in the midst of trying EVERYTHING, i decided to shut off the ASIO4all..... and Native patches worked again.... but the latency issue was back. *facepalm*...... Between the latency issue over 3 days last week, and now this, which feels like i'll never figure out, there goes a good portion of my 15 day trial on Native. Which is just another thing to make me mad about it all.... I have zero idea where to go from here to make Native work with the new interface & Reaper. I've been brainstorming with a friend who is also a Helix user, and we're both out of ideas. Anything you all might be able to suggest, i'll be more than happy to try. It won't be until this evening, as i'm at work currently, but all help is more than welcome & appreciated. If you have any questions, i'll try to answer those best i can, too.
  4. This seems to have done the trick! It was the one thing that never occurred to me to try. Thank you very much for your help.
  5. I've had this unit for a couple months... Last night was the first time I've seriously tried playing a backing track through it. It worked just fine! This morning I tried downloading another song onto my device (Kindle Fire HD, BTW), and now NO songs will play through the Amplifi. I'm kinda at my wits end here... I've tried everything. Restarting the app, rebooting the amp, a different device (Android phone), re-downloading the track to my device... I have no idea why it worked so immediately & so smoothly last night, and now, nothing. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  6. The factory reset worked...... all presets are now showing up. Thanks for the suggestion!
  7. I am logged in - I even logged out & logged in again just to make sure. I am connected and in sync. All I get in banks 2-25 is "default".
  8. Just got a new Amplifi 75. All seems to be working well. Bluetooth connectivity is great (I'm using the remote on both a Kindle Fire HD & a Samsung Galaxy S5). I've got the latest firmware update, as that was done just after unboxing. When i look for the 25 banks of presets, only the four in bank 1 appear. Nothing else loads, and i'm not able to load my own into bank 25. It just tells me there was an error in downloading, no matter what preset in what bank i try loading. Any help with this would be much appreciated.
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