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  1. mgriffith

    Helix with External Looper

    Awesome, man. :) Thank you!
  2. mgriffith

    Helix with External Looper

    Thanks for the quick reply! Previous chain was: Guitar to Tuner to Octave to Drive to Amp. FX Send to Delay to Reverb to Looper to FX Return. If I run it through a Helix FX Loop, will it work the same as it did in my previous signal chain? Really appreciate the guidance!
  3. mgriffith

    Helix with External Looper

    Hi all, I'm hoping someone can give me some guidance on how I can use my Helix with an external looper (Boss RC-3, for example)? I am not using an amp. My Helix goes to my studio monitors. Where in the chain do I put the RC-3? I just got my Helix and am really loving it. I just don't know how to use my RC-3 with it. Thanks! -Michael