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  1. I'm seeing something on my 150 that I haven't read about yet... Like most people on here, I've had the issue of disconnecting and recovery mode. I keep updating via USB (Mac) and it immediately goes into recovery mode. Finally got it to work last night, but as soon as I opened the app it went back into recovery mode. Went through that whole thing again, but this time, instead of going into recovery mode, the "A" channel flashed a few times followed by a steady "A" and "D" channel lights. Turned it on this morning just for kicks and grins and its in recovery mode again... Has anyone else seen this happen? I'm just getting tired of not being able to play with what should be a fun practice amp...
  2. I'm having the same problem. I've updated multiple times, even trying older firmwares, but to no avail. Talk about a quick way to make a guy mad...
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