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  1. Alex_SF

    Pod HD Desktop - broken USB jack: replacement?

    Thanks again for the pointers to FullCompass for the parts. I just replaced the USB jack, and also the rotary encoder, which I discovered was also messed up (I normally use Pod HD Edit to switch patches on this thing, so no telling how long that's been broken). The four USB jack connectors that solder to the board were totally sheared off; I'm sure now that the unit got kicked or something while plugged in on the floor. Fired it up and tested the connections; both replaced parts seem to be working correctly now. One last question, if anyone's still paying attention: I found these little black plastic bushings or spacers inside the unit (like a 3/8" long section of hard plastic tubing, about 3/8" in diameter), but can't tell what they go to. The unit went back together fine with nothing seemingly loose; does anyone know what those spacers do?
  2. Alex_SF

    Pod HD Desktop - broken USB jack: replacement?

    Thank you, hurghanico -- that looks like exactly what I need. Ordered. I appreciate the heads-up from you and silverhead regarding a potentially damaged circuit board, and I will inspect it for cracked traces, etc. when I go to swap out the USB jack. If the circuit board's broken, I can just replace the unit for $150 used, rather than spend a bunch on servicing to find that out and still have to replace it. I just hope that I backed up all my saved presets last time I made any changes.
  3. My Pod HD Desktop's USB jack is broken. Probably my fault for leaving it under my desk with a computer right behind it; I'm guessing it got knocked by the cleaning lady or maybe even me. I opened up the unit to inspect, and the jack has a piece that now slides back when you insert the connector. I tried holding that piece in place while inserting the connector, and still no connection to the computer. Has anyone replaced their USB jack? Is a board-mounted female Type B jack a standardized part that I can buy with pretty good confidence that it will fit this unit, or do the specs vary as far as dimensions, connectors, etc.? Rather not pay $90/hour plus shipping to send this unit to Line 6 for service if I can avoid it.
  4. Thank you, I think I figured it out. I added a Graphic EQ toward the end of the signal chain, set all five frequency bands to about +1dB, and assigned it to the same footswitch as the Phase with both effects off. Hitting the footswitch switched them both on, and the Graphic EQ gave me the volume compensation I needed to keep the phased sound about even with the unphased sound.
  5. I use a rackmounted Pod HD Pro in my live setup, output to a tube power amp. I've set up several banks of patches and done a lot of volume balancing across each so the output level is consistent for rhythm patches and about 3dB louder for lead patches. One particular patch has a Script Phase in the signal chain, which is normally off until I switch it on using my FBV foot controller. The problem I'm having is that when the Phase effect is turned on, the overall output volume drops off by about 2dB, so my phasey interludes, which are supposed to stand out in the mix, instead get buried. If I had a spare patch in that bank, I could just create a new patch for the phase sounds and compensate for the volume dropoff by using the amp or mixer controls. But I don't have a spare patch in that bank -- I need to use the (1) rhythm (the one I've having the phase volume problem with); (2) lead sound 1; (3) lead sound 2 (for a very effects-heavy lead section in that song); and (4) clean patches, all within the same song. Is there another effect that I could put in the signal chain for my rhythm patch that would give a 2dB boost only when the Phase effect is turned on, by hitting just one switch on my foot controller to turn both effects on? I haven't messed around with "Multi" foot controller assignments (2 effects controlled by one switch) much; the experimentation I've done seems to make the multi-assigned switch toggle between one effect and the other, not turn both on or both off at the same time. Any pointers would be appreciated.
  6. My rackmount rig consists of a Pod HD Pro into a Marshall 9005 power amp, which I then use to power a Marshall 4x12 cabinet. Since I'm running a tube power amp, I use preamp-only models for my patches, no cabinet / mic simulation, and "power amp" as my output mode. I recently picked up a Pod HD Desktop (bean), so I can copy all the patches I've set up for the HD Pro to it (after using the conversion utility to convert the files), and then just use the bean for practicing, tweaking sounds, setting up patches, etc., without having to drag the big heavy rack unit into the house. I've hit on the idea that the Desktop would also make a good backup unit for live performances, in case either the HD Pro or both channels of my power amp fail at a gig. If I were to use the HD Desktop at a gig running direct into the board, I know I'd need to switch the output mode from Power Amp to Direct. My question is, if my patches are set up using preamp-only models, will this make them sound terrible when run direct to the board for monitor / FOH mix, even if I switch output mode to Direct? If I want to have the "direct out" as a backup option, should I make copies of all my patches, load them into another setlist, and switch all the amp models to "full amp" rather than preamp? And will changing from preamp to full amp models drastically change the output volume so I'll need to go into all my "direct out" setlist patches and rebalance all their volumes?
  7. Alex_SF

    Kill Switch?

    You could set up an effect to cut your volume completely when you hit a switch on the foot controller, but due to the way those stomp-switches work I don't think you'd be able to get the same speed of on-off as you would from a hand-operated kill switch. Even if there were a footpedal-based option, I'd much prefer having a kill-switch on the guitar itself -- either with the pickup-switch method as mentioned above like Randy Rhoads used to use, or on a couple of guitars where I've installed a momentary mini-toggle between the volume and tone knobs to ground the signal to the output jack. If you don't want to drill, I think there are pots available with a momentary push SPST switch built in that you could convert to a kill switch.
  8. Good point re: recording the power swell loop in the same session. I guess I'd have to do it during sound check, as long as I can leave the POD unit powered on during the opening bands' sets (I think our backline will stay in place so that's a possibility). Or do it right before our set starts, as "Doctor Doctor" is playing, with my power amp on Standby. No problem waiting for the acoustic chord to finish before switching; I've got about five measures before I need to come in with a big crashing power chord under the melody. Just need to time my loop duration appropriately. I'll see if I can figure out how to do loops with the manual and/or Youtube. In the meantime, other suggestions welcome. Thanks again. (For anyone in the Sacramento area, shameless plug: the gig, my first with this band, will be August 6th at the Boardwalk in Orangevale; we're putting on the full Somewhere Back In Time show, with Egyptian stage set, etc.)
  9. Hmm .. potentially, though part of my switch to a rackmount multi-FX / power-amp system for this band was to simplify and quicken setup and reduce the number of pedals on stage. I'll keep it in mind though. I'm also going to propose having the other guitarist do the acoustic part, though it wouldn't be totally accurate to how the tributee artist performs it.
  10. I've cobbled together an "acoustic simulator" patch, based on one I downloaded, which has no amp, just volume pedal, compression, EQ, and reverb. It's fairly close to a real acoustic sound, could use a little more tweaking -- I used to use a Boss Acoustic Simulator pedal in a different cover band with pretty decent results. Using preamp-only for my patches and there isn't a ton of power amp distortion at living-room levels, though I will need to test it at anticipated stage volume. I haven't messed with dual-path presets yet, but I may play with them a little bit based on your suggestion. The "acoustic sim" / "distorted rhythm" patches are quite different, as I alluded above. I'm using preamp-only for my patches, and the "acoustic sim" employs 4 different "Studio EQ" FX boxes for different frequencies. So I don't know if that solution will work.
  11. Hi all - I'm a new HD Pro user, and a complete noob when it comes to multi-FX units, looping, etc (used individual stompboxes for years and years, however). Hoping for suggestions / answers to a tricky situation I need to solve for a particular song: "Moonchild" by Iron Maiden, which I'm doing with a tribute band that I just joined in the Dave Murray role and which just added this song to the setlist for a gig coming up in 3 weeks. In this song, there is a single acoustic guitar under the start of the intro. As the last acoustic chord rings out, a distorted, sustained power chord swell comes in underneath, and shortly after that the other guitarist comes in with a melody. So I need to execute that power-chord swell, while the last acoustic chord is still ringing out. The overlap between the two different sounds is not very long, but there does need to be a little overlap between the decay of the acoustic chord and the distorted power chord swelling in. Can I do either of the following to achieve this, while keeping the two tones separate, and if so, how? (1) Use some sort of effect on my acoustic patch to prolong the sustain of that last chord while I switch to a distorted tone, turn my volume knob down, hit the low-E power chord, and then swell it? Or: (2) Record that power-chord swell as a loop, and trigger the loop right after I hit the last acoustic chord so it comes in while the acoustic part is still ringing out, and switch to my distorted rhythm patch while the loop plays back? The real Iron Maiden does this song live today using three guitarists - Dave does the acoustic part, Janick hits the power-chord swell, and Adrian comes in with the melody. When Maiden had only two guitarists, they did this song live with the intro as playback from the album, then switched to live playing at the beginning of the verse as the band ran out onto the stage (as they did with Aces High when they started the show with that song). We've gotta do it with only two guitars. I'm running the HD Pro with mono output into one channel of a Marshall 9005 power amp, output mono into the speaker cab with the other channel unused. So if any suggestions involve stereo operation, I'll have to change my setup somewhat. Thanks!