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  1. luckily i have an ios device with which to apply this update -- or any update -- as well. the windows 10 software fails when updating locally via downloaded memory flash, or just through the updater. this is something which needs to be addressed and corrected ASAP.
  2. Well, maybe it's a good thing I'm the only person on the planet with this issue. I have searched online for a couple of hours now with essentially no results. I want to replace the input jack. I don't have to, but it's bothering me: when you plug in the guitar, if you do to the terminating end, no sound. If you pull it out so the notch on the jack lines up with the input contact, perfection. Also, it doesn't *snap* in tightly. It just kinda slides in/out. Unless i'm wireless, that will be a problem. Does anyone know the solution to this? Thanks
  3. there are 6 screws: 4 top/1 on each side. Place your amp face down on flat surface. remove screws; detach speaker wires from speaker. After you do this, the head should just slide out. Just be gentle! Good luck with replacing that part. I'm currently looking for a solution myself and the nearest center is about 100 miles from me.
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