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  1. Power up the spider and hold down the tuner button. You will bypass the modeling in the spider. Plug right into the guitar-in port. (1/4 inch in) Make sure the Master volume is down on the Pod. The Spider has no volume control.
  2. Yes! The Add-on Models Gallery.pf was what I was looking for. Thanks
  3. Hold up. No I didn't! Does anyone know where it is?
  4. Hello, Is there a POD HD Series Model Gallery Manual for the HD Fully Loaded bundle? For example, a picture and a brief description of these amps? Peavey® 5150® (Block logo) Bogner® Shiva Remastered Marshall® JCM800 (Model 2204) Line 6 Insane Line 6 Big Bottom Line 6 Variac'ed Plexi Line 6 Purge Line 6 Aggro Line 6 Smash Line 6 Octone Roland® JC-120 Fender® Champ® (Tweed) Orange® OR80 VOX® AC30 (Fawn Normal Ch.) VOX® AC30 (Fawn Bright Ch.) Roland® JC-120 2x12 CAB Fender® Champ® 1x8 CAB Line 6 Acoustic Pete Anderson Custom Ampeg® SVT® Normal Ch. Ampeg® SVT® Bright Ch. GK Gallien-Kruger® 800RB Ampeg® SVT® 8x10 CAB Ampeg® SVT® 410HLF CAB Thanks!
  5. I run my 500X into my Spider IV. I bypass the Spider modeling by pressing the tap/tuner button while turning on the unit. You have to have the 500 plugged into the amp with the master volume all the way down before turing the spider on. The Spider has no volume control at this point.
  6. So lets compromise. How about some new Line6 Spider IV customtone presets from Line6?
  7. No offense and I preface this by sayng I have no idea how updates are created or how they work, but are you telling me that Line 6 computer programmers can't come up with a new Spider update or an a la carte version of downloading effects or some new way of downloading new effects in about a weeks time, or even a months time? Is it really a huge undertaking?
  8. Spider IV owners! Do you remember the feeling you had when you downloaded the frimware updates to your amp? I was "amped" up. Line 6, we want to feel that way again. Will we ever get another firmware update? Thanks, Owen
  9. Maybe a Digital Delay with Mod? If effects can not be added then what about swapping out effects? That would be a nice feature. I would happily replace one of the other delays for a dig del w/ mod. What about swapping one of the handful of compression effects for another overdrive/dist/fuzz?
  10. Hi Line 6, How about some new effects to download to the Spider IV? It's been a while. Thanks
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