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  1. Solid update, even if there's not much from my personal wish list. I do want to commend Line6 for streamlining the update process. It has come a long way since the early days! The recommendation to restore a backup means that there are no new or updated Factory Presets?
  2. Great update. Thanks for the hard work! The update worked smoothly on my Helix Floor. You just have to follow the instructions to the number as there were some unusual steps. I haven't had time to go through all new stuff, but the "Favorites" feature is killer. I hope it sees further development. Maybe so we can categorize them and share (export/import) favorites? Nice idea with artists presets so we can lay at rest the talk about all presets sounding bad. It would though be very useful to know if a certain preset was developed for stage or home use.
  3. Jyda


    As good as the Litigator is, the "Dumble style" amp I would really want in Helix is the Suhr Hedgehog.
  4. In all fairness the OP said: "trying to copy real amp and pedal settings from artist" so the sound he tries to achieve is very probably a recorded/mic'd amp which is what the Helix models.
  5. Of course, after three days of trying to get a charge by letting the transmitter sit in the unit for hours, seeing it go from blinking red to a constant black, unplugging and doing the same again several times, reinstalling firmware, leaving everything unplugged over night, plugging in and doing everything over again, and finally opening a ticket and bitching about it here, it now decided to work and now is fully charged. :) Haven't used it yet to see how long the charge holds, though.
  6. Count me in. My transmitter refuses to charge after the firmware updates so it's essentially bricked. I have open a support ticket, but this seems like a botched update.
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