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    Looper Function - Amplifi 150

    The best option is to use Loopy. It's an app for iPhone/iPad. Just connect a USB from hole in the back, to the phone/ipad, using Apple's camera connection kit. It not only lets you record into the looping app, but also plays the audio out of the speaker. Furthermore, the app is as good, if not more functional than expensive looping pedals. Read this forum for more on Loopy HD and AMPLIFI: http://line6.com/support/topic/22057-a-good-looping-option-if-you-have-an-amplifi/
  2. gwilymjames

    A good looping option if you have an Amplifi

    I can confirm that this is truly a great way to use loopy. You can select between the 4 amp presets (or change on the app via Bluetooth) to record different effects for different loops. I have just bought Positive Grid's BT-4 midi foot pedal to control some of loopy's functions. You can actually do this with any cheap Bluetooth keyboard, and assign keys to functions like tap tempo, turning on/off the metronome. I find this easier than swiping through the weird menu system. Does anyone know of any other amps that allow this 2 way communication between Ipad and Amp (Both a recording out and the ability to play the ipad's audio through the amp speaker. Would the Spider V have this same option? I find the inability to change/add FX on the AMPLIFI quite limiting.
  3. gwilymjames

    What's your looper setup with the 150?

    A really bad work-around would be to get something like an iRig, plug it into the Aux-In on the back, and use the built-in looper on the JamUp/Amplitude apps, and use the Line 6 Amplifi just as a speaker. It's a real shame they don't have a basic looper in the Amplifi app. I was getting all excited about buying the Boss RC-1 but now I guess I can't.