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  1. Thank you for the fast reply. They look great and like you said worth a shot. Cheaper than Amazon too. Cheers
  2. Hi can anyone tell me where to get spare foam windshields for the V75HS. Or what size the windshield should be. Can’t find anything on line 6 about spares at all. Im in the UK (Scotland). Amazon do a selection but I don't want the wrong size
  3. Thanks for the reply I really appreciate it. Reading the start of it I just realised that our amps will differ in the power cable. I have the UK 240 power supply with a 3 pin socket live, neutral and earth. It's the same socket found on our kettles for boiling water and so the name most commonly used in the uk for the amps power cord is a "Kettle plug" however the correct tem is an IEC lead and socket. Sorry for all the confusion. The white substance is set hard like glue. I don't know how to get a picture here or I would sorry.
  4. I need to replace the IEC socket on the back of my Amplifi 150 as it's broken. I removed the plate at the back. Can anyone tell me what the white gunk that is holding the IEC socket in even when the screws are removed. Replacing It looks straitforward it's just two spade connectors and a soldered ground lead. It's only this gunk I'm not familure with. It looks like glue and it's all around the socket. It's also around the switch above it. I don't know if it's sticking them in for added security or if it's sealing around them but the plate is only six screws and didn't seem particularly sealed. I pressed a reclining chair against the amp accidentally forgetting it was behind it and it cracked a line in the plastic at the front and the IEC plug pressing against the wall broke the surround of the plastic socket. Amp works perfect it's just cosmetic but I want to get the socket fixed. I've already got a new socket but I don't like to start something when there is an unknown factor as is the mysterious white substance. Any help would be appreciated as I need to get this fixed.
  5. Sorry posted this in wrong place
  6. I don't think it would work. Connecting to an existing network I guess would be using one of the USB wi-fi dongles and connecting with the networks SSID and password. However, I found these to be really unreliable and I spent a fair bit of cash trying the various recommended ones. The only thing I've found that has worked for us is the Apple USB to Ethernet adapter into a short Ethernet cable and into the N600 router set up to the 5GHz. I have found this to be 95% reliable, the times it fails usually I find the M20D is saying there is no network present I unplug the adapter plug it back in and it connects again. This usually works - except for the time it was critical and then no matter how many times I did it there was no connection - I've no idea why it would suddenly disconnect like this and it's a shame because it would stop me trusting it in a live setting, thankfully this isn't how I need it. We use it to set up a mix we record a short number and then I set up mixes from the back re-calling scenes during the live set. I have been embarrassed though, I was setting the volume and turned it up too loud just to check something and guess what? Disconnect, I had to make my way from the back of the venue to the front with the music deafening the people who had arrived early passing a lot of angry looks as I'm disabled it takes me a long time to get anywhere. Thankfully the hobble of shame has only happened on a couple of occasions but it's always on your mind when you go to the back. It's a real shame because if it was 100% it would be a killer feature.
  7. I'm in the UK and a lot of Venues insist on any portable equipment being PAT tested (Portable Appliance Testing) when tested each item has a sticker showing it has passed. The M20D passed right away but the problem is the L2t/m. We can't find an earth point on the speaker to test it. They are a class 1 and so need to be tested as such but if there is no place to put the PAT testers probe to produce an earth the machine will always return a fail. Anyone know a place on the speaker that would provide an earth I would be grateful. PP
  8. I'm using the N600 router, it is definately compatable I've had much less drop outs with it. I did also bite the bullet and buy the Apple ethernet to usb. I have had times when it cuts of - usually when I'm at the back of the venue - I found the stagescape is saying there is no ethernet present. Unplugging the usb and plugging back in gets things going again. Its not as much now but ut does still happen. I certainly could not have the cofidence to sit at the back of a gig and mix with wifi I just feel at some point the link would go down but I use it to pre mix our songs before the gig and recall the mixes on stage. I went through a lot of money on various bits of kit but I have to say the Belkin N600 and Apple Ethernet to USB is the one I would reccomend. Especially set to the 5GHz setting.
  9. I have found that when I'm playing music through the amp from my iPad it plays fine then all of a sudden it stutters or drops out. This is really annoying even though it's a fraction of a second it's really noticeable. In fact it was also embarrassing. I was singing the praises of this amp to the band and first time they were in my house put on a track for big demonstration. You guessed it! Drop outs, stuttering and me looking like a fool who's spent over £300. I love the concept and the brochure, but I have to say so far, my experience has not lived up to any of it. I really hope it improves I'd hate to get rid of it but I might have to.
  10. I have a question about saving scenes inside a setup. My main point is does it save the individual channel EQ. I set an EQ and for a song saved the scene and did a second, however when I recalled the first song the EQ on the backing track channel was not what I'd saved but what I'd set for the current song. I thought it should be able to keep individual EQ and I just watched the setup and scene video again and Sean definately said it did. The reason I need it is backing tracks change from song to song and need different EQ settings. Anyone saving all settings with scenes
  11. I guess if you' re bought that amount of Line 6 gear you should be allowed the odd rant 😬 I can't really comment on the keeping it out of the way of beer, were a Gospel group so it's mainly churches we set up in. But beer aside, the router sits at the bottom of the desk stand. I use a sleek 4 way extension and it takes all my wall warts. I use the Sonic port VX as the interface for the iPad - one of my best purchases was a £4 ipad stand from Asda (Walmart Stateside) it sits the iPad at the exact angle just above the M20d screen. I use Onsong live for words and backing trax I just replaced an Alesis iodock with the VX a couple of months ago and it is excellent I use the power function to charge my iPad as well. We only use two L2s but with all the fiddly stuff above and mics cables etc we've got our setup to around 20 minutes (and my OCD has me using a cable tidy from the desk to the floor so it looks like a multycore from the audience) I do see your point though, when I read the spec on the desk - and bought it - I was convinced all I had to do was pop in a USB dongle and my network was ready to go flawlessly 😠A nice built in router that allowed us to just connect would have been lovely. All my stuff including the router fits in a case I bought for camera gear so it's not too much of a bummer taking it to gigs. dboomer, thanks for the info, I had no idea that 5ghz was so dependent on line of sight. When it's on the floor under the desk I'm at the back of the venue it's usually a load of empty seats between us. I went to the Apple Store and bought the ethernet I thought I'do come this far up I might as well end it. I'll try it this weekend and if I get a disconnect I'll get the router up in sight and see if it helps. Cheers
  12. Hi Yes the router is set to 5ghz only. I'm a bit confused though, a lot of people are reporting bad results with other USB to ethernet adapters and saying when they switch to Apple all the problems dissappeared You said in a post Line 6 only recomend the Apple one so I thought it would be a compatibility problem rather than wi-Fi. We've got a gig this afternoon and a big weekend away gig this weekend so I'm going to pick up the Apple one today on the way to the gig. Then hopefully the problems will be gone. it would be difficult to get the router above head height, I mix on stage with the desk right in front of me but I thought surely that wouldn't matter, I'm writing this post on wi-fi at home and my router is downstairs in another room. Our router sits on the floor at the desk stand, I suppose I could sit it on the desk for setting a mix before the audience come in. I'll try the new adapter and see how it goes. I have to say though, it has been significantly better with the router. Thanks for the reply. Pete
  13. I'm going to try the apple one. It's a bit of a bummer cos it's £26 but having spent £40 on a USB dongle with poor results we then moved to the N600 which has been significantly better, however I get disconnected at times - usually when I'm at the back of the venue setting a mix - I need to walk to the desk and unplug the USB to ethernet when I plug it back in the desk sees it again. A track came on really loud one time and just as I went to turn it down the connection failed, I had to walk to the desk and with two sticks I'm not quick. I was getting some disapproving looks all the way there. so Apple it is but this is the last penny I'm spending on wireless for this.
  14. Thanks Joe I'll definately check it out. It's not so much prefer as just rubbish at it but I think the Amplifi app is the best tool we've had yet. I always found my HD 500 screen a bit small (just my eyes) and the computer was never convenient but I like the app and when I get time over Christmas I'll experiment. I will find the guitar sound I really want then head to the site and request it. Thanks again
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