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  1. Hello echo flanger, I really enjoyed your video. Very nice work. I know it takes considerable time to produce a video of this quality.... So thank you for your efforts and for sharing with the forum members.
  2. Echo Flanger: wow! I am so glad I happened to see your post. The tones you have created are amazing. I knew the hd500 had incredible possibilities, and you have proved this beyond a shadow of a doubt. The organ sounds were beautiful and sounded very real to me. Thanks for sharing. Let me also welcome you to the forum. Wilson
  3. I knew someone would say that. Lol. Yes that is true for sure. But I think what the OP was hinting at was that he or she wanted access to 8 different Types of effects, not different versions, or families (if I may call them that) of delays, choruses, verbs, etc. I hope this was a bit more clear.
  4. Good advice piano guy. Especially if you plan on making tons of patches.
  5. Hello Antman: Hurghanico, and Pianoguy have filled you in nicely. I just wanted to add this for you... as a fairly new user to the unit myself. As a brand new user I thought it would be an advantage to have access to 8 different Effects from the one screen. In practice this does not really work that well, not for me at least. As an example : what if you want a different reverb, or a different delay, etc... You would have to change patches any way. This is something you will have to sort out for yourself. Keep plugging away! The more you use the unit the more light bulbs will Come on and you will find the best way to use it to your advantage.
  6. Wow! What a glitch, I only wanted one copy of the page on the post, lol!
  7. Greetings Quadzilla: welcome to the forum. I do not own the xt live but I might have a fix for you. Read the section on the volume control parameters from the pod xt live manual. It is basically the last paragraph on that age. Make sure your volume setting is at zero for the heel position. I own the pod hd 500x and it works in a similar fashion. You can control max and min volume for the pedal via software settings. If you do get the hd500, it will take some time to get a good sound from it. You need to be the patient type. Good luck!
  8. Thanks Charlie for your replies. I will look into the piezo-electric effect.
  9. Thanks for the detailed reply Palico, my drop D acoustic sound is a little weak on the low D. Not terribly so, but enough that I notice it.One of theses days I am gonna try and adjust it in workbench. I have been happy with the modelling myself. It's been abit of a learning curve but I'm lovin' it.
  10. Thanks for the great tip clay man. What type of tape do you recommend?
  11. Thanks Charlie. Think I will do a little digging on the internet to better understand these things.
  12. Ignore that quote n the above post. Not havng a good morning here, Lol!
  13. Hello everyone. I really know nothing about piezos . Not even sure if that is the right spelling? But I have a few questions some of you may help me with. 1.What exactly is it that makes each piezo unique? 2. Why do some work well, others not so well? 3. Can the tremolo cause a good piezo to start acting up? That is enough questions for now. Thanks guys.
  14. Hello zap. I accidentally gave you a -1 on the above post. Sorry. My fat fingers you Is there a way to change that to a +1?
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