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  1. Understood. Thank you all. I realize that all those numbers are theoretical. And thanks for the reminder about trying the preamps. I tried them back when I bought the Stomp, but with no power amp, they didn't work when using headphones or powered FRFR. But, going to the FOH and IEMs might work. Just like above, I won't know until I try it.
  2. Thank you. Those are the answers I could not find anywhere else. I did some additional research last night using the spreadsheet and website referenced in these forums. (BTW, I found that the numbers used in the spreadsheet and the percentages used in the website corresponded closely.) I should have mentioned this earlier but my use case is to use the HX stomp solely (that is, without any outboard amps or effects) going from the output to FOH. It appeared that all single-cab cab blocks use 1.7 of 16 DSP and the difference in DSP use between amp+cab block and amp-only blocks (for the amps that I use) ranged from 1.4 to 1.9 with an average of 1.6. Therefore; there will be virtually no difference between using an amp+cab block vs. an amp-only block and a cab-only block except the preset would use one less block. The IR 1024's use 1.2, so there would be a small DSP savings using an amp-only block + a 1024 IR. Based on the above, my conclusion was that using the output of a Powercab to FOH would save ~1.6 or ~10% of the DSP in the HX Stomp. The effects I intend to use will use 5.6 DSP leaving 10.4 DSP available, theoretically. This would allow the use of two amp blocks that used 5 DSP or less. Does that appear to be accurate?
  3. Are there any known ways to minimize DSP use in the HX Stomp? For instance: Does turning trails on use more DSP? Does making more parameter changes between snapshots use more DSP? Does using a second signal path use more DSP? Does having more presets in the Stomp use more DSP? Are there any global settings that use more/less DSP?
  4. Thanks rd2rk. It sounds like this may work for me. Any idea if the DSP savings will be significant? In other words, with the "speaker block" in the PC+, is there any chance I will be able to make an 8 block preset like the one I listed above? I realize it depends on the blocks/amps/effects I choose, but in general is there significantly less DSP used by an amp-only block as compared to an amp+cab block? Live, I run mono only. I am trying to decide if I am going to buy a $700-$1,300 cab for my $400 stomp!
  5. Does the output(s) of the Powercab+ include the speaker emulation / cab / IR from the Powercab+ ? I am considering using one if it will allow me to not use a cab or IR in the HX Stomp. Having said that, would I be saving any / enough DSP when using an amp only block as opposed to an amp + cab block (or amp block and cab block) in the HX Stomp? Even when using mono blocks, I often run out of DSP after using 4-5 blocks. Ideally, I would like to have a preset such as: dist comp dist phaser amp trem delay reverb. Lastly, if the Powercab+ can send a cab or IR through its output, can it simultaneously send a speaker emulation to the speaker? Also, any general comments or advice regarding the Powercab+ would be appreciated. Thanks
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