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  1. Same issue here, I wish the manuals were a little more technical and explained exactly what the Aux In is (and isn't) but the manuals are so vauge you don't really know. The manual has a picture of a keyboard, a mixer and vocals all going into the aux in. No spec, no comments, that's it. why not spend a darn sentence and explain the limitations of the Aux in if there are any or if you need to do something to get a better sound.
  2. Did you ever get a reply on this? couldn't you just use a 1/4" splitter?
  3. So I picked up the Amplifi 75 last year, rocked out with it and used as an AMP it was great. Finally, picked up an Alesis Nitro drum kit and love the thing (much easier to play along on drums than guitar!) BUT I'd like to use the Amplify as sort of a studio monitor with mp3 backing tracks I. Here is the issue: -I plug the iphone into the Aux in the back. volume is lacking...not loud..sounds pretty crappy. - SO...i bluetooth it to the Amplifi and it's really sounds great, louder than I need it to be, better bass, etc, etc. So problem solved? No. I plug the Drums into the guitar input and despite turning of all the effects, turning up the white mix level to 100%, killing everything but the Cab I can barely hear the drums. Which sucks. But if i run the aux in and drums into the guitar in 1/4" jack...great mix but not nearly loud enough (can't even cover the tapping on the drum heads). I've spent waaaay too much time on this and I'm really hoping one of the experts here can help me out. I'd like to not buy a mixer (looked at the Mackie or Berhinger cheap enough but just seems overkill for my middle aged life). I've thought just cutting out the whole AMplifi and using the studio monitor out that the drums have but what that seems a waste... Any tips/thougths etc would be really appreciated! Thanks!
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