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  1. Hello Silverhead, great thanks for your reply. I've just seen appendix C (now I'm in job so I can't go deeply). I think it will help us much. But I can't find info how to turn off all presets at all. Something that clear my whole mixer, and set all channells without any effects, and then how to save it as preset for whole Stagescape. Is there any trick to do that? How to find it in "Advanced Guide" that you mentioned? I wrote "reset" in search bar (in pdf of Advanced Guide). But it found hundreds of "preset" word :) but no one "reset". I found info how to remove preset from library at all, but I just want to clear whole mixer. Please could you help me. Thanks and sorry for stupid questions.
  2. Hello, I have not typical situation I want to help my friend who has md20 stage scape. He is totally not computer guy, he hates computers and computers hate him :) Believe me he even doesn't know too much what Google is, and he doesn't speak English :) And my friend lives 500 km from me, so I can't see his "Stage scape", so I try to help but I'm really in the dark. Maybe you could help, please very much. The problem is: he records mainly drums, and all his records have most transients equal 0db - it's not distorted (over load) but transients look like they are cut, like there is some limiter applied. And we want to record without that effect. So I told my friend to decrease all preamps/input about half of full. But the problem is still the same. I'm not sure how to turn off that effect, and exactly what is this? Limiter or something else? I read in manual about something called "Auto trim". I suppose it could be the reason. But actually in manual I can't find information if that "auto trim" is turned on by default or turned off? I suppose my friend had not turned on any function, because as I told he is moron in those type of gear. So I suppose it is turned on by default. But could you say what is this (is it really that "auto trim" or not?) and how to turn it off? Please help us. For any help great thanks in advance. Maybe you could give some step by step instruction with photos. We would be very appreciate. Best Regards, Wojtek
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