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  1. The USB input is also a data connect point, there have been several firmware updates for G10 in the last year. I was the original poster that opened this thread when I saw how fragile the connection point is on the G10's. I went through 3 additional units, all with the same result. G10 worked great as a wireless unit until failure. why didn't they see it coming? Line 6 rep for me is in the toilet. Reading here and other Line 6 chats I see there have been several people that made mods have complete failure at some point. If you missed the firmware updates, the very important sleep time and charge time update. Line 6 is not planning a version 2 of the G10 they tell me.
  2. Im thinkin that y'all bypassing USB connection will be missing any firmware updates, tweeks, and software mods. This product is not worth going through the mods. Just buy a more superior wireless unit rather than taking a chance and expense of a new G10. G10 POWER INPUT IS CRAP TECHNOLOGY!
  3. What difference does it make at this point to have or offer "mods" on the G10. Point is that the G10 is manufactured to fail due to overlooking a secure USB input design. Line 6 could have made the fix before releasing worldwide sales. Now, the G10 has a shoddy reputation that needs a complicated "mod" or handled like a carton of eggs. Fuksake. I got a $10 cellphone that has a more secure USB input that never has damaged the USB input over a couple of years of constant plugging and unplugging. That fix should have been done at the factory level and price point still would have come in under $200. If ya made mods, and still under warranty, forget about it. It will break down the road and ur screwed.
  4. Looks like some confusion or transpose error. The Line 6 G30 has the belt pack and uses disposable batteries in the transmitter and is a totally different device and uses older technology than the G10. . The G10, with it's newer technology and has the rechargeable transmitter but the USB reciptical input is still most fragile no matter what kind of input device is used, including magnetic USB devices. They break internally regardless. The two G10 units I had returned were not dropped or abused in any way. It is not up to the consumer to purchase at our expense, a remedy for a design engineering flaw, but up to the manufacturer to apply such expense or a "FIX" to future shipments of the G10.
  5. go here
  6. Im a bit confused. Please tell me, show me, link me to where Line 6 has a statement, disclaimer, product notification or Line 6 website clause about the Relay G10 only for home use and not road worthy only to be sitting stationary? No matter the cost, The fukin thing should not have become damaged and disabled after a short period of light use. Good thing I didn't do any "mods" on the two units I sent back to void the warranty. Im not going with a 3rd unless Line 6 has a fix and a updated version, maybe on a BETA test. Im pretty sure there will be no fix. Line 6 has maybe 2 boatloads from China of the weakened Relay G10s sitting in a warehouse somewhere, Those boats are enormous.
  7. I suggest that complaints about Relay G10 USB input issues also be posted here:
  8. Please re read my original post. As far as USB fragility, most micro usb inputs in devices I have personal experience with has crapped out over time from use a just as for millions of micro usb device users. P.S. Please re read my original post and of Dkeefer Thank you for reading.
  9. phil_m, Your reply does not deserve a return comment. But thank you for reading.
  10. I was excited to receive my Line 6 Relay G10 I ordered from Musicians Friend the first week of June 2016. I worked great in my bass guitars and latency was not noticed, I was impressed with the wireless capabilities and ease of use. I play with a part time bar cover group and It worked fine with all the wireless stuff we have in the band. THIS UNIT IS NOT ROAD WORTHY. After the third gig, the unit kept cutting in and out. It appears the Micro USB input in the back of the base unit that are fragile in nature in most devices with connection-disconnection use, had became loose within the unit and failed all together. If I may offer a suggestion to re engineer the design of the Relay G10 to incorporate a more durable power input for gigging musicians. The unit was still under warranty from the seller and I returned it for a refund. I was contemplating just swapping for another G10 but came to the conclusion that it may have the same issue down the road with a new one. I'm afraid to reorder a new G10. Too bad, I loved this Line 6 Relay G10. Thanks: Dri
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