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  1. as with all these app based products- OFFER A PC/MAC editor /utilty- Spider V flopped because not everyone has smartphone etc and the TT I got is annoying to use with a bluetooth tablet- id rather plug into usb edit save presetsn and be done
  2. i was wondering about that- now there is software for computers as there should have been from day one - many despise that app crap that requires a phone- will there be a customtone or will tones be on a "cloud" and will they be accessable to the pc editor?
  3. now theat there is a mac/windows spider V edit will there be a customtone page or access?
  4. is the the cardboard chart showing the different settings for the dt amps available? the one on top of the amps? not in the manual
  5. I like the iv better actually- easier to navigate song artist presets
  6. Was thinking of purchasing a refurb DT50 from Line 6 store and dont know what firmware they ship with- figured I'd download update just to be ready in case it isnt cuurent but the link is dead
  7. If you need a cable anyway why not create a pc/mac editor as well? if it were wi-fi that would be neat
  8. was interesting in the 240hc but saw that spider remote wont work with 30 pin ipad cables. Seems pretty %&^&U^* stupid to have an editor that has to be plugged in while not supporting pc or mac usb. Im not buying a new ipad and the ipod only has 9.3.5 so who knows if it will work. You lost a sale line 6 until you support those of us who dont buy into that app crap and want a regular pc/mac editor!!!!! Or you should have gone wifi and use any device dont see the point of spider remote if you are still plugged in
  9. Of course we can blame line 6 - instead of relying on app based crap they should have a pc/mac editor as well for those not wanting to spend extra money on devices
  10. I was all set to order a 240HC whenI read there is NO software editor available!!!! $%^^ that - dont want app crap want an actual program to edit presets etc. Marshall code had the app on;y and passed on that. I love my spider iv and was hoping this would be an upgrade plus the fact they didnt use the pod hd modelling kind of lt me down.
  11. Tried a pod 2.0- it sounded bad in headphones and line out to an amp . Ordered and HD500X and if it sunds as good or better as the spider iv I will be happy especially with the HD bundle free as a bonus
  12. I press the tap key and turn the cab knob and it only changes the effects- WTF would line 6 rely on multifunction controls?
  13. Some of the tones were ok and some sucked- just like SPider iv!!! Glad they did away with the channel volume as that made it difficult to keep the volume from being too loud or too soft when switching channels- Drum machine built in is cool- No head model though.
  14. The XLR is great for PA's but having the option to go to external cab is cool too. Diddt see a head version
  15. Only way to edit presets or create them is with a FBV attached- this is my biggest gripe with Line 6- have to buy the amp them spend another $100 or more to update firmware or edit tones
  16. I just bought a vk112 for super cheap - works greak but has a good distortion and good clean- thats it. You will have no trouble being heard with a spider iv 150 212 if you adjust the volume settings.
  17. When I audition a tone it comes out through the 2x 12 (I have a 150 212) and sounds great. When I unplug the laptop and try the preset it just doesnt sound good. I have been saving channel volume to 50-60% and it still seems to be a non linear master. Unplugging the fbv has helped as I think the volume setting on that causes it to be too loud too.
  18. but sound crappy when I unplug computer. And what's with the volume issue? Turn channel volume down and tone is weak and constricted turn up and I shake the house. Master volume is like an on/ff switch. My Mustang III can play at bedroom or concert levels easily . How can the spider do it?
  19. The presets on the SPider have too much gain and too much bass- if you edit them or create your own it gets loud and sounds good. Tried a valve king- turn down mids or you get buzz and you will get a good sound.
  20. a tube amp will give you a couple good tones - a modeling amp like the spider or fender mustang will give you unlimited good tones
  21. Bought a used in great shape Shortboard but cant register it due to no serial number . I will call Line 6 tomorrow. Can they help or do I have to return it ? I want to update a Spider iv 150 212 I bought but cant update without registering shortboard unless I only have to register amp. Thanks
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