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  1. Has anybody had any issues with external foot switches? My FS4 no longer is recognized. FS5 works as it should and I've tested the cable and pedal on another device and they are both working correctly. I just used my Stomp last night and both FS4 and FS5 worked fine. I did the update today and now FS4 doesn't work.
  2. Thanks again Schmalle, I appreciate your help. I'm feeding the Stomp into a Quilter 101 mini that's set to be a very clean platform for the Stomp so the Stomp provides all the dirt, not the amp. And I still can't figure out why some days the volume jumps or dips, when I've made zero changes to any of the other controls...all things being equal, I should experience this issue every time I fire up to jam, but I don't.. it varies and I have no idea why.
  3. I'm going straight into a Quilter 101 Mini, with the amp gain set to clean.
  4. First time doing this, so please let me know if I did it correctly. In these two examples, the OD pedals causing the volume issue are the Hedgehog D9 in the "Generic Pedal 21" and the Compulsive Drive in the "Generic Pedal" preset. And yes, I'm hella creative with my patch names. ;)
  5. Generic Pedal.hlxGeneric Pedal 21.hlx
  6. Thank you!! How do I post a patch? And I use the Stomp in stomp mode exclusively.
  7. Thanks Schmalle, My guitar volume is a consistent 10, and I think if there were pickup issues or loose connections (but I'll double check them), I would notice the issue with any of the effects blocks. The issue I'm noticing only occurs with a high distortion effect block. I use lighter/milder OD blocks in the same chain and do not notice this issue with OD effects using light gain.
  8. I use the HX Stomp instead of a bunch of stomp boxes, running into a clean Quilter amp. (So my patches don't use any amp/cab sims) I really like the tones I'm getting! However, I've noticed when activating the OD stomp, there can be a noticable difference in volume, and it's very random. For instance, I have a pedal patch that uses the Hedgehog D9. I initially set the volume so when I activate the Hedgehog I get a nice OD with a little volume boost. Nice, just the way I like! But when I came back to the exact patch the next day and step on the Hedgehog, there's a noticeable drop in volume when the Hedgehog is activated! No other settings have been touched, same guitar, same rig...I know sometimes my ears can play tricks on me but this is a noticable difference that isn't any trick of the ear. So, I'll then adjust the Hedgehog level so it sits in the mix like I want and save the patch... come back some random day later in the week and now the Hedgehog is way too loud. This happens with other OD pedals such as Compulsive Drive, where I've set the gain somewhat high. I've had other Helix products before the Stomp (Helix LT, Helix Floor) and never had this issue on any patches. Any thoughts??
  9. Gotta admit, if there's not a forthcoming amp model called "atomic wedgie" I'm gonna be a little disappointed.
  10. annd we're up and running. Thanks again rsvette12!!!
  11. ahh, I found where to login! (duh, had to enlarge the Edit window to maximum) Turns out I was logged in. Now I just need to authorize my computer apparently...??
  12. thanks rsvette12.. I know it's probably right in front of my face, but I can't see where in Helix Edit I would sign in??
  13. I purchased (on the Line 6 Marketplace) some presets with IR's but when I try to import them into my Helix LT, I get a message "HX Edit was unable import this preset (or, this IR) because the required license was not found.The following product packs are available from the Marketplace. *64145". I logged in to my Line 6 account and can see the purchase of the presets/IR's, along with an activation code, but I can't import any of the presets. I have updated Helix Edit to the most recent version, as well as my Helix LT, and nothing works to get these presets and IR's loaded. Any help?
  14. Problem appears to be SOLVED! (in fairness, the "problem" was I didn't RTFM.) I HAD been powering the base unit with a 9V power adapter (yes, of sufficient power for the G70 base unit) However, per the manual, the preferable way to power the unit is via the 5V USB port. Powering the unit via the USB ONLY eliminated the hum. Kudos to deadlocked who got me looking in the right direction!
  15. thanks again deadlocked. I too thought it would be odd if the USB ports didn't share the grounding of the overall strip. I'll try reversing the Helix Stomp power supply to see if that makes a difference. If that doesn't work, I'll at least test it with a USB going to a grounded PC. (and if you're still in MN, hope you're adversely affected by that deep freeze!)
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