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  1. Gig report: Used the preset I posted above on a gig yesterday, feeding Send 1 into the FX return of a Mesa Dual Recto and 4x12 with Vintage 30s. XLRs went to the monitor desk and to FOH, while FOH also got a feed from a SM57 on the cab. The monitor guy loved the Helix direct outs, he said it was a very 'ready' sound to send to the in-ear mixes for the singers. The FOH guy said he had mainly the mic to start with, and then blended the Helix around it. I also had the XLRs coming back on a monitor wedge, and it complimented the amp sound nicely. I got the 'body' of the sound from the amp and the wedges added some definition. I must say I preferred this to any time I've had to go FRFR. Btw I've added a footswitch to mute Send 1, so you can hear just the Helix XLR outs. Quite a handy thing to have, especially during sound check.
  2. Voted, that makes a lot of sense. Thanks!
  3. Octafuzz is one of the 3 drive pedals. Theres a switch for the Octaverb too (called Shimmer). Anyway, it looks like our needs and ways of using Helix are different, nothing wrong with that :)
  4. Oh yeah I totally get your point about carrying your own, There are some gigs where I take along a PT-1 pedalboard, 100 watt head and 2x12 cab, and there are gigs that I got the Helix for so I could take less gear :-D
  5. Nope, if you hit the mode switch you get individual control of each effect. I regularly toggle between the SD9 and Timmy (so you get 4 sounds with 2 amps) and there's a snapshot for the Octafuzz too.
  6. Go into stomp box mode and each of those has a footswitch assigned to them. They get used, trust me :) Also, losing the effects in Path 1 doesn't change the fact that I still need to use Path 2 for the second amp. If I could run 2 amps in a single path, it would definitely free up a row.
  7. FOH will be getting both the mic'd cab and the XLR feed. I've had great results combining both, using a Two Notes Torpedo Live for the direct feed, for example. Also, the gigs I play have FRFR wedges provided by the sound rental company (as well as rental backline amps), so we end up with different models from gig to gig. Hard to rely strictly on FRFR for a consistent stage sound.
  8. Well I don't really have anything in that signal path that doesn't get used regularly :)
  9. Thanks, I've included a screenshot with the previous post in case you want to just check out the graphic layout.
  10. Apology accepted. If you only look at the preset I've posted (if that is something you would like to do), you can see that adding a split at any point is not an option. - I need 2 paths, as loading 2 amps in a single path is not an option - I use a split in the 2nd path to run the delay/shimmer in parallel, with a volume to control the blend. You can't do this normally, as controlling the delay mix directly with the expression pedal cuts off the trails when you back off the expression. Perhaps not as simple as it seems :-)
  11. http://line6.com/support/topic/19805-helix-to-poweramp-cab-and-helix-to-foh-easiest-way-to-make-this-happen/ Here's another thread on the subject. I'm using quite a few pedals, and 2 amps. So I couldn't use splits as I needed both Paths to load either amp.
  12. I play many gigs where using the Helix amp models into the FX return of a rental Tube amp works best, but it would also be nice to send an out to the PA through the XLR outs, with a cab sim added. So far this is what I came up with: http://line6.com/customtone/tone/2833254/ I'm using Send 1 (set to line level) to send an out to the FX return of my amp without cab sim The XLR outs have a cab sim added. But I'm sure there's a better solution Is there a way to route the un-simulated signal to Helix's 1/4 Line outs and the cab sim out to XLRs? That way, Send/Return 1 gets freed up too. Thanks!
  13. I had the same issue using the Helix in 4CM with my CAA/Suhr OD-100 Classic Plus. Massive hum with the Ext Amp connected to the amp footswitch socket. The solution I found was to lift the ground on that particular cable (Helix end) and it's been silent since.
  14. Glad they are working out nicely! I've uploaded a Dual amp patch that switches between the Deluxe and Plexi, and a battery of stomps to play with. My gigging pedalboard has a Vemuram Jan Ray, a Maxon SD9, Arion SCH-1 and Drybell Vibe as staples, into a Suhr Bella, Rockitt Retro Plexi clone or Custom Audio OD-100 Classic Plus. I've been working on recreating some of these sounds with the Helix, which should explain some of my choices. I had a POD XT Pro more than 10 years back, and my favourite high gain sound was the Soldano SLO100. It's cool that Line 6 has now modelled the crunch side of the amp, so you can set it to the point of breakup and then hit it with boosts/overdrives. The Soldano patch I made does exactly this. I'm using a legacy Ownhammer impulse that my brother sent me ages back. If anyone wants to check it out with these patches, email me at blackstratblues at gmail.
  15. The level of the preceding trails will still reduce in this scenario, right? The last image I posted yields exactly the result I need, but it still involves using a parallel path just for the delay.
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