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  1. On Mac Monkey starting freezes on contacting Line6 Servers
  2. If you arte running Mac OS X high sierra, you should enable the driver. Check.this link http://line6.com/support/page/kb/_/recording/computer-audio-set-up-and-troubleshooting/macos-high-sierra-1013-driver-installation-change-r879
  3. Hi Guys, did anyone get this kind of issue? POD connected with USB into MacBoc Air (early 2015), running OSX High Sierra. Recorded with garageband with two active instrument midi tracks (almost every effect plugin deactivated), wifi deactivated and no apps running. I've just reinstalled drivers, flash memory and firmware for the POD. Thanks EDIT: Ops. forgot the soundcloud link with the audio sample. Will do as soon as possible EDIT 2: here is the audio sample https://soundcloud.com/user-710197464/random-noise
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