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  1. Although this is not a defect, it is annoying that it would default to preset value and they don't allow the user to set. I really like the Amplifi idea in terms of having the tones be song driven and the ability to share but the decisions they have made with the software are not very user friendly. For example: When you navigate away from the Aplifi App to your another music app to play your desired track and you navigate back to Amplifi the app has disconnected from the amp and you have to wait several seconds until it reconnects. This is not a "connection problem" but a decision the developer has made. I don't see why the app cannot stay connected. Also, the time it takes to change from tone to tone even using the ones stored on the amp is also ridiculous. By the time the tone changes you already missed the part you needed it for in the song you are playing. Im am enjoying the tones and learning from them but I hate the experience of using it. Im considering regurning it.
  2. After having the issue with my HD500X where it will only display "Update Flash" I went on and downloaded the Flash Memory file to my mac and used the "Install from file" option on Line 6 Monkey and it worked. Now it's back to normal. Thanks to everybody chiming in.
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