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  1. mitchusonfire

    USB Recording

    I did set the Amplifi up as my audio interface, I should have been a little clearer I guess. It's not a great quality like you'd get from a legit audio interface but it still works well.
  2. mitchusonfire

    USB Recording

    I've messed around with this. I connected the USB to my laptop and attempted to record through Audacity. Whilst the quality isn't great and there is alot of white noise for lack of a better term, I did manage to record multiple tracks through and edit them through Audacity. That's mainly while writing heavy music, I imagine you'd be able to create an alright track through clean tones etc. I've since got Reaper software but yet to give it a real go. If anyone knows of anyway to kill the dead noise (maybe a suppressor or something?) I'd love to know.
  3. mitchusonfire

    Amplifi 150, effects and guitars - newbie question

    I don't really have any advice, but I can share my experience (I have the 75). I use a number of different guitars and haven't really found each guitars own personality when using the Amplifi. Through a regular guitar amp definitely but with processed tones nothing really changes for me other than the playability of each guitar. I also have different tunings, string guages and pick ups on each guitar.