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  1. Where do you get the bjclean patch and how do you get it. I checked and it’s not in the cloud
  2. What do you think of the 22500 how do you compare it to the Ditto 4x. I was originally looking at that but there were non at the store for me to try
  3. True true on the Reverb. I wish they would give us more control of the blocks. I would like to have more effect blocks or the ability to change compression to any kind of effect. Some builds, I dont need compression. Or remove the looper block, which I will never use since its useless for actual live performance and can't be used with the external looper. The problem with me using it that way, is that I am using launchpad on my iPad to for drums and other sounds. I like the ability of using the Firehawk to play sounds from my iPad as well. Thats the main reason I kept it. Just wish they gave us more control. But now its ugly red stepchild in their line :( and abandoned. What looper are you using. I am using the Ditto x4
  4. I can't move it there. It won't go :/
  5. Ok. I am still trying to decide to keep the firehawk or not. The primary use is for live performance. Obviously the looper is useless for live performance. But I am thinking of adding an external looper. But the question is, where in the chain. Thinking about the Electro Harmonix 22500 Do you: A ) use the FX block place it at the end of the chains B ) use the mono out to looper and out of the looper to amp or board? Not to confuse this thread, but I am thinking about the HD 500 instead as well. Thoughts? I guess I will throw one more thing in the mix, can you add other pedals, like a pong pedal or octive etc. can you side load them?
  6. Thanks for the response. I wish there was a way to lock them. In most live situations, I will only be using the FS switches.
  7. Thats what I mean. I meant the A B buttons, not the updown. I wish the FS buttons were on the bottom
  8. I keep hitting the bank button when hitting a stomp box. Especially with the looper. (But obviously the looper won't be used live at all)
  9. Have they added any features to turn the banks off? If I can't figure this out I might have to return it. It's so frustrating!! And the looper they add is horrid. Too short. I can't even get a full progression of Folsom Prison before it times out. Never mind that you have to hit the volume pedal down to flush the loops. Would have been nice to make assignments to fs switch for stop record play and also a second looper with enough time for a 4 bar progression.
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