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  1. I just want to extend a huge thank you for your help. Sounded so much better. :) I do have one more question. I'm still experiencing the weird issue with the delay on the clean channel. The initial hit of the note/chord is fine, but the repeats following sound awful. The closest thing I could compare it to sounding like... is when a microphone is too hot and just about to feedback. I don't notice this on the other two distorted channels. I've tried playing with the noise gate in the m13, but it doesn't change much. is this an issue with the m13 or my amp? And EQ pedal (in fx loop) would go right before DEC IN, correct? Thank you again
  2. thank you for your response! I've asked a few different places, you're the only person to reply. I will try this today, and give an update. (As you can see from my initial post, I was thinking of it as two separate chains.... your routing seems more or less like one continuous chain.... (if that makes sense)) I'm mostly pretty terrible at this side of musicianship. so thank you again! (Good to know about the less expensive Line 6 expression pedal. For some reason I was under the impression that that one wasn't compatible with the M series)
  3. mine is doing this aswell, only on the first effects channel. tried resetting the unit, to no avail.
  4. first off, hello everyone! apologies in advance for the wall of text. after many a struggle with this, i'm in need of assistance. perhaps there is something very simple that i'm doing wrong. i have an older three channel dual rec (which i have modded the parallel fx loop into a serial), and for the life of me i cannot get this hooked up right. currently signal chain is going guitar -> tu2 tuner -> isp decimator g string gtr in -> gtr out -> m13 input -> m13 output -> g string in -> g string out -> amp loop fx return m13 fx send -> ego comp -> oc2 -> octafuzz -> pharaoh fuzz -> syb 5 -> wah -> amp input amp fx loop send -> m13 fx return i should also mention that i have the m13 to 'post fx 1'... (i assume i am using this correctly) i run all the synthy stuff and other crazy effects on the first row. the last three rows are reserved for modulation, delays, verbs, etc etc. delays and verbs are generally around 50-80% mix level, depending. i'm getting tons of noise. i have to set the threshold on the decimator to the point where verbs/delays are completely cut off and useless. when playing at lower levels (with the threshold lower and playing through an attenuator), i'm still getting that ...hollow sounding just-about-to-feedback sound. i've tried running the m13 AFTER the decimator in the loop (just as an experiment, i read it on a different forum), but that causes serious feedback at even normal playing levels. what am i doing wrong? or is this just the nature of the beast? or, do i need to run another noise reduction pedal between the wah and the front of the amp? EDIT: also noticing that the looper is also affected by the decimator. it seems to consider it noise. also, if i turn any of the other effects on (for example the oc2, which is not in the loop), it puts the effect on the loop as well as my guitar. surely, this must be wrong?
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