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  1. The first thing I thought when I saw the details of 2.6 - is he going to add Clean snapshots to the 2.5 pack? I've been absolutely loving the Play on This patch. Liking the Friedman patches, but miss having a Clean snapshot, so I guess I know what I'll be doing this afternoon when I get things updated.
  2. Of the two, I'd lean toward Modern Essentials for the type of sound I prefer. I play mostly 80s Metallica type stuff, so that's the general tone I'm after. I enjoy the Soldano and Frideman presets mainly, the others don't do a lot for me. For reference, in my Glenn presets, I almost always gravitate toward the Splawn S Comp from his High Gain collection. That one preset basically made the Helix really work for me.
  3. I tried out the Modern Essentials and Hi Gain Essentials, and have only gotten to mess around a bit with them so far - liking what I've heard so far. My only "complaint"/feedback is that each amp is 4 separate presets and they didn't include a snapshot type preset with all 4 rolled into one (as is the case with Glenn's presets, for example).
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