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  1. If I understand those articles correctly (which is not certain, because I don't know much about electronics) the standby switch does not protect the tubes. If it protects anything at all, then it's the capacitors in the power supply. But today, where a properly sized capacitor is cheaper than a high voltage switch, why would anyone implement a standby switch, if not for nostalgic reasons?
  2. From the DT25 Pilot's Guide: 3. Standby Switch – Allow the amp to warm up for one minute before setting STBY to ON. This extends the life and performance of your vacuum tubes. It is not necessary to set the amp to STBY before setting the Power Switch to its OFF position, but it can be a good habit, if only to ensure you’ve got it set properly next time you power up the amp. There are quite a few sources in the internet that say a standby switch in a guitar amp doesn't make any sense: https://www.londonpower.com/standby-switch http://www.valvewizard.co.uk/standby.html https://www.sweetwater.com/sweetcare/articles/great-standby-switch-myth Since the DT25 is a relatively new design, why does it have an standby switch and what exactly is it doing? Can we savely ignore it (i.e. leave it on all the time)?
  3. I bought the Firehawk FX because I thought it would be cool to operate it with my Android Tablet, but to be honest, I'm a bit disappointed by the usability of the App and the Bluetooth connection. I understand that the pricing is tight and that I didn't pay for a PC editor when I bought the Firehawk, so I wouldn't mind to spend money for this addional option. My Impression is that other Firehawk users are missing a PC editor, too.
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