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  1. I would've thought a new update would include an old update.
  2. I might have got round the fragile micro-usb socket design by permanently attaching a tiny micro-usb to usb cable to the receiver and just using a normal usb extension cable to the wall wart. That way you'll never be plugging and unplugging from the micro-usb socket and therefore stressing the socket. I carry my G10 bits and pieces around in a small padded hard case so it's always protected. BTW, I think Line 6 should keep the micro-usb socket for updating purposes - very handy but also introduce a 9v pedal board socket as well. Looks like there's room on the back for one.
  3. I did exactly that last night but on a mac. Yeah it says it will restart and the updates still appear in the list but I just unplugged it after it said all updates were successful and it worked as expected. I had to update to stop the green light blinking on the transmitter when sitting in the receiver after I'd been charging it for over 18 hours. All good now..
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