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  1. I agree. Ive been using wired iem until recently because for church use I cant afford to buy a good sounding system. I now use wi digital for iem for $200.. these are in the digital spectrum and sound quality is there. However, I have to handle these with care and certainly wouldnt hold up to touring with the build quality. Range is 50 ft line of site only and latency not nearly as good as line 6 products. It is good enough to get me untethered for worship services with great sound quality. (used with a headphone amp) as they need a hot input..Also to note, Ive already seen reports of the relay being reverse engineered for iem even in mono..!
  2. thanks for responding. I hadnt noticed any problems yet so wouldnt have any way to know if the update actually worked. I still wonder if I need to go back and do the other older update as well ? line 6 this needs to be a little more user friendly or at least include or post something online with instructions..
  3. see my recent post regarding what i learned with my breedlove lr baggs element system if you still have yours..
  4. Can anyone comment as to specific instructions on g10 updates ? Im on win 8 and Ive downloaded the updater it shows my unit and I click on it to show updates. when it goes through update process it states unit will restart and be ready. This is the problem, unit never restarts by itself so I think it means I need to restart but if I unplug and re plug in it shows same two updates in the software.... Do they need to be done incrementally perhaps ? the older one first ? Can anyone comment if the unit appears to restart itself after update ? how long ?
  5. Ok so I have a breedlove cr25/cre pro american series that has LR Baggs element pickup system. by itself the unit will turn green and produce some sound but the inerference is overwhelming and causes sound to become less audible. bought metal hosa adapter ts to ts and more of the same. spoke to line 6 and LR Baggs and apparently unit just isnt compatible with some units. Some will work with adaptor , some will work if plugging the transmitter into a customized short length of cable depending on the unit, the severity of the noise and where you are able to locate the transmitter away from the guitar. This option is sort of like adapting the g10 to be like a g30 for your acoustic. I have experimented some by soldering a short piece of cable to a ts jack and was able to make the noise disappear depending on location of the transmitter. it certainly was picky and not perfect though this was with the transmitter plugged into an open ts jack and not really a nice shielded plug in. May update further if I buy a proper jack to solder into a length of cable. Im debating now to return the g10 for the g30... is the g10 worth the convenience with the guitars it works with ? not sure
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