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  1. I see that I am not the only one experiencing the post FW update poor battery life. I appreciate receiving the email from Line 6 regarding the FW update and safety alert. Did the update without issue; it was a simple >10 min 2 step process. However, as apparently others are reporting, since doing the update my G10 transmitter is losing its charge faster than before the update. I can barely get 2 hours of play time before the transmitter goes from fully charged (3 greens bars) to 1 green bar. One charge will never last me through a gig. I never had to recharge during a gig before the update. Hey Line 6, is there a future update that will give me back the 4+ hours I need to get through a gig?
  2. Installing now. Won’t know more until I put it through its paces. Based on the description of the update I am not anticipating a dramatic difference from V2.53.
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