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  1. Thanks for your reply. Can you advise what kind of cable I need to buy to accomplish this? I'm not familiar with that type of input labeled for the PC/Android on the back of the Spider. Can't remember ever seeing that type of hole anywhere. Any chance Line 6 would provide the connecting cable? Also, what would I need to connect my android phone to the Spider?
  2. Can anyone tell me what is the difference between an amp and a PA?
  3. Are the effect titles simply random names or do they have meaning?
  4. I have the iPhone hooked to the amp and can play the tones from the amp. Does anyone know where to set the tone control knobs and FX controls on the amp when using a tone off the Spider remote app?
  5. Just bought the Spider V 30 and could not figure out how to connect my Samsung Galaxy S5 to the back amp. The android input on the back of the amp is not a USB port I ever saw. The other port looks like a normal USB but that one is labeled for i-pad / i-phone only. I borrowed an i-phone and everything worked fine.
  6. I found tones with the remote app. They play through the amp when tapping the tone from my i-phone. How are we supposed to know where the amp knobs should be set?
  7. I have a Spider V 30. I'm trying "solo 100" preset with tube screamer and a little reverb.
  8. Hello, Recently purchased my first Spider V 30 and need more detailed instructions. I downloaded the "Spider V Quickstart Guide" aka the "Pilots Guide" but it only has a limited amount of information. Anyone know if there is a more complete manual that offers more details. Also, I dowloaded the Spider remote app but can't find any instructions on how to use it. Now I'm not even sure of it's purpose. Does it remotely change the settings like a TV remote. By that I mean, does it turn your phone into a remote so you dont have to walk over to the amp to work it? Anyone know where to set the tone control knobs and FX controls on the amp when using a tone off the Spider remote app? Thanks
  9. Just bought a Spider V 30 but can figure out how to load the update download into the amp. I downloaded the 1.10 updater installer on my Windows 10 laptop. How do I get it from laptop to amp? I connected the laptop to the PC input on back panel of Spider then pressed the home button. The display shows nothing. Any ideas?
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