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  1. Any Ideas on dialing in a Santana sound. I have a line6 75w
  2. I have a question. Any Ideas on dialing in on a Santana sound. Thanks. M.
  3. So I guess patch location 16 (a,b,c,d, empty) can be used to make custom sounds. Also, can song sounds for 50, 60 70 etc... be accessed from the Shortboard mkII? I don't think they can, or I haven't figured it out yet. One more thing. My boss gt 10 doesn't work well with the Spid IV 75. I guess it isn't compatible. Any comment on that? Thanks M.
  4. Hi, I'm new to line 6 also. I bought the Spider IV 75. on patch 16 (a,b,c and d) there are no effects. (I have the shortboard mkII.) What is the reason for this or is their a problem with my amp? Thanks
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