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  1. Ezzra

    New Presets?

    I've gone through the rebuild procedure by pressing switches 9&10 and power on. It goes through the preset rebuild but I am still not seeing the new patches at 13B Victoria etc. Instead I am still seeing the old BAS: patches. Any ideas what I am doing wrong? Thanks Errol
  2. Thanks for confirming it was a bug. I'll update to the latest firmware.
  3. I recently bought my Helix and am loving it! But I have one minor problem: When I switch on the Helix, the Expression Pedal shows EXP 1 and EXP 2 and I can toggle between the two settings using the Toe switch. However, after a while the expression Pedal only shows EXP 1 and the toe switch is not active. The only way I have found to reset is to switch off the Helix and switch it back on again. Is there something that I may have done to cause it to only display EXP 1? How can I reset without switching the Helix off? There doesn't appear to be anything in the manual about this. Thanks Errol.
  4. Ezzra

    My Helix is dead

    Kudos to phil_m and others. I followed your procedure for manual firmware install and it worked! I am eternally grateful. Now I can enjoy my investment. The Helix sounds are truly amazing. I am in guitar heaven!
  5. Ezzra

    My Helix is dead

    Really helpful thanks. I will try this.
  6. Ezzra

    My Helix is dead

    Thanks for your help. Could someone tell me the difference between a firmware update and a "flash file"? I am a bit confused and feel I need to understand this before venturing down the flash file route suggested by phil_m. Sounds a bit scary!
  7. Ezzra

    My Helix is dead

    I bought my Helix in Sunday. It is firmware 104.3. Tried to update to 2.10 and have now got the dreaded "Boot Failure. Entered Uodate mode". I've retried three time without success. I'm using. Mac Mini. It appears that this firmware does not support manual firmware update so I am stuck. Can anyone help me or should I send it back and get my money back? This is the worse update process I have ever encountered. Thanks for you help.
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