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  1. Hello everyone, I just wanted to let everyone know that I found the reason for noise in my system. Firstly, i took my first unit back as I thought that possibly it could have been one of the defective units. Slim chance I know. 2nd unit i bought home set up and yep same problem. After lollipoping about for a couple of hours I was ready to give up and i started to unplug it all ready to take back for refund. very disappointed. The first plug i went to pull out was the USB cable which was the only one that I hadn't tried. Unplugged it and BAM noise gone. I post this knowing full well I could be the object of ridicule (fair enough) but some may not have tried it simply leaving it plugged in because this is how they edit their sounds. Cheers and have a great festivus.
  2. I just got mine. Clean channel perfect other 3 channels all lollipope! Tried every way of cabling, some worse than others. I am so disappointed as this unit was going to be the centrepiece of my rig and it's all but unusable. I have opened a ticket, whatever that does...... It would seem that this is a fairly common problem. I even purchased all new cables for the loom. See what happens
  3. Thank you so much buddy, I have read the manual etc but.................(dumbarse)
  4. Thank you for your reply mate, it is so nice that people take the time to reply. I will try again but I have no idea what channel the foot switch (Hughes & Kettner) operates on. Thank you so much. A huge issue that I have is I do not understand Midi and obviously this is hampering my efforts. Cheers
  5. The amp has it's own midi preset controller pedal but I am wanting the HXFX to be the controller and not use the one that comes with the amp. Basically take the Hughes and Kettner one out of the picture all together. Does this help?
  6. Hi experts, I purchased the HXFX to become the control centre for all my effects & presets etc. The H & K has it's own midi controller pedal which I am trying to replace but I can not get the HXFX to communicate to the Amp. Does anyone have any experience / ideas / solutions? I really don't want to return this unit. Cheers everyone
  7. Hi community, I have a question, how do I use the toneport for a straight thru signal? I wasnt to use some plug-ins but i cant seem to find a non-coloured "tone". Any help would be appreciated.
  8. Hey TheoTizMe, i managed to get my Tone Port UX2 working last night. In the free software section of the website I selected the drivers software and downloaded even though it said no software available. It now finds the hardware and i am back up and running. As far as POD FARM i have no idea as i run Gear Box. I did see a restore factory settings option somewhere but im not sure if thats a good idea or not. I hope you get yours back running. Its so frustrating when it stops working. The joys of software based music. May be time to dust off the Marshall and mics. All the best
  9. Hi all, i am new to the forum so apologies if i have posted erroneously. I need your help. I have upgraded my Mac Pro to the latest operating System Sierra. Now when i open gearbox it is saying No Hardware found even though the Tone Port UX2 is lit up (Power supply USB). Two Questions 1. Has anyone else experienced this? 2. Is there a fix? Thank heaps for your help in advance.
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