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  1. Yeah, I have the UX2 selected as the audio input and output device. Is there a better way? Apart from using some hugely expensive piece of kit?
  2. Thanks man, after just recording via midi keyboards, i think it's a case of not seeing the wood for the trees. I'm now going to go grab a large knife, hack my leg off, so i can kick my own lollipop. Cheers! :D
  3. Hi guys, having an issue with recording with Reaper (latest version) using my Line6 UX2 Pod Farm (Version 2.59.0). I've gone through the Options/Prefs/VST the added the Line6 file containing the Pod Farm VST .dll's. When opening a new track. Track/Insert virtual instrument on new track/VST, the Insert Virtual Instrument dialog box shows two sets of .dll's for Pod Farm as below: VST: POD farm 2 (Line 6, Inc.) VST: POD farm 2 (x86)Line 6, Inc.) VST: Bass Amps (Line 6, Inc.) VST: Bass Amps (x86)Line 6, Inc.) Etc...Etc...Etc While the UX2 Pod Farm used as a stand alone interface for playing it works great, when when i open it up to record in Reaper the Pod Farm window opens up, but i get no sound coming out of the powered studio monitors (Plugged into the back of the UX2) and no sign of life on the Master Channel and the Pod Farm 2 channel just opened in Reaper. There must be a conflict of some kind between the software of the UX2 and Reaper somewhere, but i just can't figure it out. I've cleared the Reaper VST cache and rescanned, re-added the Pod Farm .dll's (This then still shows the double of everything as described above. I'm using the 64bit version of Reaper but as far as i understand it, this version still supports Pod Farm. Any ideas on this one? Cheers Slab. I'm using WIndows 10 btw.
  4. Hi guys, a little help required, that is if there is even an answer to the school boy error I've made. Had my Line 6 UX2 with Pod Farm ver 2.59 for a while now. so decided to start making music to record. As the only recording I've done recently is using a Korg Triton Tactile midi keyboard with Cubase i thought "What the hell" and splurged on the new Cubase 9. Red Alert, Red Alert. I find out too late that Cubase 9 no longer supports Podfarm 2 and it's 32bit plugins. Yet when opening up the Line 6 folders and going to the POD Farm 2 VST Line 6 folder it shows all the .dll files as both 32 and 64 bit. Being a bit of a dimbo around computers as a rule, has anyone got the slightest idea of how to work around this issue so that Pod Farm can be used with Cubase 9? Or will Line 6 be making an updated software package to make Pod Farm 2 compatible with Cubase 9? Thanks in advance for any possible solutions to this or even a poke in the right direction. CHEERS!
  5. Thanks for the reply. Sounds logical. Need to get a male 3.5mm stereo jack to L/R male mono 6.3 jacks. Will give it a go and get back to you. Cheers
  6. Need a little help here folks. I have the Line 6 UX2 and use it for recording purposes. I've recently bought a Korg Triton Tactile midi controller/Synthesizer to record with also. Could i just connect the synth headphone out port one of the mic inputs on the front of the UX2? I want to do this so i can use the powered monitors that the UX2 uses also for the Synth. Would this be safe for the UX2 and the Korg? I really have no idea. I'm new to all this synth/midi controller malarkey. Cheers.
  7. Hi guys and gals, I've recently bought myself a UX2. This came with the Reason Limited Line 6 Edition. When trying to install this recording software, it keeps saying that an unexpected error has occurred. Could this be a compatibility issue with Windows 10? Anyone know of a cure for it? All in all, it's damn annoying. Thanks in advance.
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