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  1. i have a M13 using the 4 cable method that i used a Tone Bone ABY and ran it into my EVH head along with a small Crate Palomino amp--did you have any problems getting the effects to work with the PreAll setting for the loop? when i use the Pre setting none of the effects work in the loop--i have to set everything to postall
  2. there is a YouTube video of someone that used a M9 via MIDI to switch channels on a EVH 50W head and has a volume pedal FX to compensate for the volume drop between channel 2 and clean channel 1--i am trying to do the same with a M13--anyone out there that has programmed this before? being new to MIDI and going through the manuals i don't see how to assign a volume pedal FX scene and patch them through the MIDI so they are just used for the channel switching. anyone? :unsure:
  3. Hello--just purchased a M13 and i am just in the try out stage to see if i want to keep it or not. -is there a way to check what the current firmware version that is installed?-i don't want to go out and buy a MIDI computer interface if it is not necessary. Thank you
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