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  1. One theoretical way to make it work on a PC is by an Android Emulator, but then the Emulator needs to have a working bluetooth connection, which I failed to configure. The Remote app on the Ipad is unreliable. It says "Log out", so you are supposed to be logged in. But there are no tones in your "My Tones" list, and a cloud search gives no Result. Saving a tone gives an error message "Cannot save" So you have to logout to login "really" As the tones you create are not saved locally ( and they probably don't take much space), the day the cloud service is closed, the firehawk is ready for the recycling center. Not to mention that there are still corrupt tones on the cloud, if there ever were. Maybe some Units like mine where sold with a hidden hardware fault, to hang up every few days, and they want to avoid too many send back and replacement requests. And about the bluetooth connection : Most of the time, it does not activate automatically, you need to check the Firehawk FX in the Bluetooth Configuration of the Ipad settings. The connection is always activated then, and remains connected even at a 15m distance
  2. same on the Firehawk, every time I quit, I have to reenter Username and password, and if you don't you can't use your own tones, stored in the app. Who is making such concepts ?
  3. I just got this load error -21 I was only switching from 22D Rotary blues to 22B Blues clean. All the lights went out. I had to shut/restart the unit. Luckily I was not performing, it would be such a bad advertisement for Line6 The only change I made for the 22D was placing and activating the FX Loop after the Wah. I have the latest firmware 1.30 and I did a hard reset before the issue. I've currently only loaded 3 tones from cloud : Acoustic Seagull, Acoustic simulator Hao, Hotei solo, into Bank 32 After the restart, they were .... gone ... but i can still upload them from the saved version on the Ipad. Before I had the error with the two red lights hanging the unit How can we know if a tone is corrupt ? This issue has to be solved, as it makes the Firehawk absolutely unsuitable for a Gig
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