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  1. Phew! I thought I was going to be left alone for the night, now I have the monkey man to entertain me. How's the monkey man going tonight?
  2. Now that the failure has left the building, who else is available to entertain me?
  3. No wait, please don't go, I like watching you cry about your terrible synthesiser tone. I need you! Defend yourself some more please.
  4. Actually it makes perfect sense. Can your synthesiser not calculate BPM properly? I mean it's bad enough that your tone sounds awful and you're pretending it was done on a guitar (which it isn't because you can't play one), but you can't even get the timing right. Talk about failure.
  5. You don't get it, do you. Your attempt was terrible. There is no need to be upset.
  6. It's funny because it sounds like a robotic synthesiser, but then if it was, you should be hitting all the notes and you aren't, so therefore, it might be a cheap, failing robotic synthesiser that can't calculate BPM. Get it? Anyway, this is bad. Now I'm even more convinced this tone cannot be replicated.
  7. *sigh* how could you not realise that was the point? That's what is so funny about it.
  8. Dude I just listened to your attempt again. It was so bad. Not only could you not hit the notes properly, but it actually sounded like a robotic synthesiser. You are a failure. Also the "monkey dance" saying is only funny when the other guy does it. Sorry pal.
  9. That picture was perfect because everyone is getting bored of you justifying yourself instead of accepting the sad reality that it really was a pathetic clip. When are we going to hear a new attempt on the verse? I'm waiting patiently.
  10. You're boring. At least diversify in what you post.
  11. Yes folks, I encourage everyone to go and listen to his pathetic attempt at the verse. The laugh you'll get out of it is priceless.
  12. List of people banned from attempting this again due to their previous failures: AlexKenivel
  13. And it was really bad. You should be embarrassed by even pretending that such an attempt was remotely near.
  14. Isn't that the truth. Don't worry about brue, he's on the verge of popping a blood vessel and it's quite entertaining to watch him cover it up with his repetition.
  15. No one cares about your excuses. Your attempt on the verse sucked. It sounded so bad I had to turn it off before it finished. Come back to me when you've actually managed to achieve it, peasant.
  16. You're too scared to do more work on the verse because you know it is impossible to replicate. I look forward to you trying though, and perhaps you should, because you will really "win" if you do it.
  17. There was no deal, I just forgot to mention that I only care about the verse. Now you know. Your attempt on the verse sucked.
  18. Unfortunately for you, I only care about the verse.
  19. The tone is completely different between the verse and chorus, and if anything, this take proves it. I doubt even the layering and harmonies make that much of a difference. No doubt Andy used a different signal chain and this could explain why it was never replicated live.
  20. The chorus was very close, well done. The verse on the other hand, I'll settle on calling it mediocre.
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