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  1. my guitar is fine after some dialing in, my vocals I just can not dial in at all , I really want to hear gb and its functions w/out pod farm , although not babble but ultimately I'd like to record my live sound in my living room where I can mix an awesome sound usually , but I am having learning curve issues going from analog to computer digital based recording, I appreciate all the help but a lot of this beyond me
  2. level's are hard to even out, i'm very new to computer based recording , I wanted to just use G.B. to see if it's easier to not clip but still hear well enough , witch i'm having a hard time doing .
  3. ux2 is selected as in/out in g.b. and in mac pref's still no go unless pod is open ?
  4. creative juices flowing heavy but technology seems to be trippin over the feet of reality !

  5. can I use the ux2 in garage band without pod farm and if so how ?
  6. why can't i use the ux2 without pod farm in garage band ?

  7. i need help ! can't record!!!

  8. no matter what guitar i use there is fuzzy , crackly noise when sustained notes are decaying (highly unpleasant) unbearable !!!
  9. Mic only works when going through pod farm ux2 input1?
  10. Where can I plug a drum machine in on my UX2 POD STUDIO ?
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