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  1. VB70

    Intolerable Buzzing

    Does anyone here have crazy absolute intolerable buzz when trying to connect Helix to switch channels on your tube amp. Part of me purchasing this unit was for that reason and and "Holy Crap Marie" it works but i cant use it!!!! Is there a fix?
  2. You lost me at "im a tone snob whos been playing for a whopping 13 years"
  3. You my friend are THE BEST!! Thank you so much for helping the computer illiterate.
  4. help pls. As page 2 in the manual says, Install the latest driver than launch the helix app. Windows 10/Start/All apps/Helix. Problem is nothing happens after ive downloaded the driver and nothing happens when i connect the Helix. I have just wasted 4 hours going round in circles and cant find anything on the web. WHAT AM I DOING WRONG.
  5. VB70

    helix octoverb lacking

    Thank you Duncan, this helps tremendously!!
  6. I had regrets when i bought my Standard LP..... That i didnt buy it 10 years earlier!!!
  7. Am i the only one greatly dissapointed with the Helix octoverb? Its so much better on my M9. On the Helix my guitar still rings through the shimmer on the 100percent mix. Not to mention the volume drops off too much making it useless with the expression pedal. Aaarrrhghh!! So important to me. If anyone has a solution pls extend a hand
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