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  1. I'm here^^^ Got the download. Got the zip file. Extracted the files. Where do you enter the activation code? Edit will not accept the files.
  2. Thanks for the input....no pun intended
  3. I'll explain my situation in a little more detail. I guess I fall into that "he's not a pro" category. I'm a bedroom guy and 98% of what I do, both playing and recording, is with backing tracks. My research tells me I want a Helix LT. To try and prove this theory, I recently picked up a used HD500X to get a feel for the game. It works for me. I like operating the HD floor unit by hand on a shelf. I like the speaker out options I've got. I'm impressed with both the ease and the improved quality I'm getting in recordings. It makes me want to go ahead and step up to the improved function and anticipated tone of the LT. The MP3 in function is the only thing holding me back. I've got the perfect set up with the HD500X. I've been trying to prove my ability to do this on the Helix by experimenting with both the USB and the return route on the HD500X. I accomplished using the FX return, but wasn't really pleased with the process. I've successfully used the USB input with my laptop. My problem is, that happens to be the laptop I use to record into Reaper. I want to run my ipad into the Helix USB. A separate volume control for that would be a huge plus. I've read the threads. I got the camera kit. Hooked it up and got a "device not recognized". Question 1: what am I doing wrong there? I was thinking I needed some Line 6 stuff downloaded on my ipad. I can't find where and how to do that if needed. Question 2: what is the USB volume solution if I do progress to the point of getting audio off my ipad? Question 3: is the Helix LT USB a more advanced USB than the one on the HD500X? Is that where my problem lies trying to do my ipad with the HD500X? Question 4: As stated above, is there a way to run from ipad headphone out into Helix LT USB in?????? That would be a game changer!!!! That's been my only hold back. If I was confident there was a way to run ipad headphone out into Helix LT USB in, I would hit "add to cart" in a heartbeat! As it is, I continue to sit on the fence procrastinanting due to the ease of use for me with the HD500X.
  4. Would you please walk me through doing this?
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