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  1. Thanks hurghanico :) I plan on playing jazz rock. No acoustic stuff here :P So this thing works just fine straight in the front of an amp? I won't be using amp modelling as I like my amp's crystal clear tone, and I only want the HD500x for the effects
  2. Thanks for the helpful replies, guys Another quicky! I hear a lot of people run straight into a PA with theres, but how does it fair going into an amp? I've got a lovely old solid state Yamaha for gigs and was hoping the HD500x would go nicely straight in Thank you
  3. Thanks silverhead So does that mean to get back to my clean/normal tone in ABCD mode I'd have to somehow bypass the HD500x (eg., via an external looper) or make a preset with a clean-type tone set up?
  4. Thanks for the replies! It seems ABCD mode is the one I was looking for A quick follow up: If I'm using ABCD mode, and I press A, all the effects on that related preset get activated at once with the 1 press right? And pressing A again will leave me with just my clean signal, no effects? Also; If I press fs B will it then activate all the effects in B and also deactivate A? ie. you only have one active fs preset at a time? Thanks
  5. New to HD500x :) I assume a 'preset' is a collection of effects/amps you set up yourself - like a 'patch' in similar products Can you assign separate presets to each of the footswitches on the HD500x? eg. Say I have 2 presets: 1) 'HeavyMetalManiac' (dist, delay, wah) for solos 2) 'FunkyGibbon' (comp, phaser, reverb) for rhythm Is there a way to assign HeavyMetalManiac to fs1 and FunkyGibbon to fs2 or any other fs? So I can toggle between the 2 easily without having to scroll though all my presets OR Do the switches essentially only allow for turning off specific effects within the current preset? Does ABCD mode allow this? Thanks
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