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  1. I'm happily using Native and loving it so far. I also have an NI Rig Kontrol 3 plugged into my Mac but because of weird support decisions made by NI* it's no longer supported by their Controller Editor software so the only thing that it responds to is Guitar Rig. Any suggestions for working around this to use it to map to Helix Native would be fantastic, with footswitches and an expression controller with toe switch it's perfect for the job. * They claim it's all Apple's fault but none of the things they reference actually match Apple support documentation. It looks just like yet another case of NI creating orphan products, they have a lot of form with this.
  2. If you are using a Steinberg AI then you need to make sure the DAW channel is soloed - otherwise you get both the raw input sound and post processed at similar levels. However if you are hearing the strings after that even with headphone or monitor levels a programme volume, you are hitting the strings too hard ;-)
  3. It looks like Yamaha have taken over Line 6 distribution from CMI. While it means there's no Line 6 stock at all in Australia it will hopefully be an improvement. Several music stores told me that they wouldn't deal with the old distributors as it was just too painful and their pricing model was stupidly high (thus the outrageous mark-ups Line 6 products e.g. a Variax Standard is over US$1000 and all their other products carry 50% extra margins. The Helix itself carries a hefty premium too.) Hopefully Yamaha (when they get stock) will expand the market and drop the prices to more reasonable levels. I'm skeptical but hopeful. I'd love to get a Helix rack to update from my HD500X and a Variax JTV-69S as well if they existed in this country (though the retail price on the JTV is near US$2000 now and our tax is only 10%.)
  4. Surely everything you described can be done here - without sharing our information and marketing data with a 3rd party. It's duplicitous to pretend this for our benefit, it's purely for Line 6s.
  5. Great, how much will Line 6 pay me to use ideascale to solve their R&D and marketing problems for them while giving more personal info to a 3rd party (Ideascale themselves) of dubious provenance? I don't create new user accounts on dodgy websites just because a vendor wants me to. Keep your support in-house Line 6! Try making an appearance on your own support forums for example! Most customers will never use the service and frankly none has seen any tangible benefit in doing so except L6 and Ideascale. How is it meant to help again?
  6. this dependence on iOS is plain stupid from a business perspective, Apple have a long history of screwing over their partners with unannounced system changes. Betting the farm on Apple is only good for one company and it's not Line 6.
  7. iOS seriously? That's a way to limit your market when it's simply a control interface and Android has now become the dominant platform. More so with the youth market this is aimed at too. Strange to limit it so much and so arbitrarily.
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