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  1. Hello Tim... Unfortunately, I think you have to downgrade to the Pod HD500 series. I want to do something similar whereby I split my Variax mags to output to a DT50 and the Variax modelling to a PC+. The answer I got in another post was that it wasn't possible with the Helix because of a different routing architecture. However, it looks like it's possible using a Pod HD500 as demonstrated in this video:
  2. Thanks Phil.I feel like the answer to my next question will be the same... What about using 2 powercabs? The idea is to use one optimised for mag pickups (using the PC with IRs thereby taking the DSP load off the Helix) and the other PC optimised for the Variax acoustic models. I supposed I could route a 1/4" output to the PC dedicated to the acoustic models since it would stay in FRFR mode. Anyway, is such a thing possible via the L6 Link if I stick with using Powercabs? It's a little frustrating that the Helix can't do this since it was possible in the Pod HD500 series. Check out this video:
  3. I had a similar question as MrAnudo; I want to connect my JTV-59 through the Helix into my DT50-212 and Powercab+ so that the mags output to the DT50 and the Variax models to the Powercab. I would setup the patch so the the mags and Variax models would be on separate paths. I could then select between them via snapshots or fade between them using volume blocks at the end of the signal chain. This seems like it would be a common use case for a full Line 6 guitar rig. Are there any plans to add this capability? And is there a way to achieve such a setup? Thanks!
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